The Shift Network Presents the Psychedelic Healing Summit, a 4-day Online Exploration of the Science, Rituals, History and Renaissance of Psychedelic Healing, April 28 – May 1, 2022


PETALUMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Shift Network is proud to present the Psychedelic Healing Summit — a free, 4-day online event featuring leading voices in the field of psychedelics.

From therapists on the frontiers of medicine to lineage holders from ancient plant medicine traditions, these luminaries explore the history, rituals, practices, and the emerging science of psychedelic healing.

With the market for these medicines projected to reach $10.75 billion in the U.S. alone in the next five years,* the Summit’s goal is to educate the public about how to safely navigate this rapidly growing spiritual and mental health frontier. Register for free at

“We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance and are presented with the opportunity to expand our consciousness in ways that benefit our personal and collective evolution,” says Stephen Dinan, CEO and founder of The Shift Network. “Our intent is to present both wisdom traditions and modern science in a way that offers a safe and truly transformative path forward.”

Summit host Dream Mullick will be joined by renowned leaders in the field, including Paul Stamets, Erika Gagnon, Xochitle Ashe, Dennis McKenna, Claudia Cuentes, Charles Eisenstein, Anthony P. Bossis, Mary Cosimano, Laura Dawn, Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, and others.

Session topics include:

  • Psychedelics as a healing modality for anxiety, depression, and burnout
  • How modern and traditional psychedelic practices enhance our understanding of nature, our interconnectedness, and the cosmos
  • The future of psychedelic-assisted therapy, including MDMA’s role in healing trauma
  • How psychedelics can ease suffering and be a pathway to liberation at the end of life
  • Ways to safely use microdosing to embrace creativity, inspiration, and joy
  • How to develop a relationship with the spirits of the medicines — without needing to ingest them
  • Connecting with the sacred plant spirits of Ayahuasca and Huachuma to support reconnection with Spirit
  • Ketamine and psychedelic therapy to treat addiction in underserved populations
  • The latest efforts to “decapitalize the sacred”
  • A Saturday evening musical journey into extraordinary states of consciousness — without medicine
  • How to integrate the insights from psychedelic experiences into daily life, and more

An optional VIP Upgrade Pass ($97) allows lifetime access to all Summit sessions, providing more than 25 hours of experiential programming.

We’re in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance that has the potential to help heal humanity and reconnect us with all living beings. The Psychedelic Healing Summit is an opportunity for people to connect with a supportive global community who can help expand their journey of personal growth. By the end of the Summit, participants will have a better understanding of the options available through psychedelic medicine to improve their mental health, deepen connections, and manifest their passions.

*Source: The 2020 Psychedelic Drugs Market research report. Psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many countries, including the U.S. The Psychedelic Healing Summit is designed solely to provide education from our presenters’ personal and professional experiences.

About The Shift Network: Founded in 2010, The Shift Network has empowered over 3.5 million people in 180 countries. This transformational learning company features teachers and thought leaders in domains as diverse as spirituality, holistic health, psychology, energy medicine, Qigong, somatics, shamanic wisdom, sound healing, yoga, herbalism, and peacebuilding. The Shift Network launches new courses and summits several times per week, as well as providing a rich array of podcasts and other media offerings, including through its Shift App, which is available in the Apple and Google Stores. The Shift Network is committed to empowering 100 million people in the next five years in order to accelerate the transition to a peaceful, sustainable, and thriving planet for all.



Dayna Macy

Director of Public Relations and Communications

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