The Go Safe Map Crosses 10 Trillion Miles of Driving Data

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Go Insurance announced today that its Go Safe Map, which uses data analytics to help drivers find the safest route to their destination, now operates the first-ever traffic safety database accessible to the public to surpass ten trillion miles of driving data — or Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). As the Go Safe Map continues to have more data, it can provide even more insights to help make roads safer for all drivers.

The Go Safe Map is the first of its kind, a mapping technology designed not primarily to show drivers the fastest options, but rather the safest routes. The Go Safe Map works by analyzing a proprietary aggregation of historical and current data from over 200 federal, state, and local transportation databases.

Here are some key highlights about the Go Safe Map:

  • It was made possible by Go Insurance being the first company to aggregate traffic safety data spread out across over 200 databases maintained by various federal, state, and local government agencies — something that no government entity has ever done, either.
  • It was first made available at the time of the launch of Apple Watch in the spring of 2015, originally drawing from over 200 million events.
  • The ten trillion miles of traffic safety data span over 50 years and cover 500 million accidents throughout the nation.

“Drivers using the data-powered Go Safe Map to find safer routes should be seen as improving our lives like exercise apps or Blood Oxygen sensors in the new Apple Watch Series 6,” said Kevin Pomplun, Go CEO and Co-Founder. “We could not be where we are without the significant efforts from federal, state and local agencies who originally gathered all 10 trillion miles worth of this data — and now with insights and analytics, we are able to help make roads safer.”

Company Description: Go Insurance is an innovative insurance company revolutionizing a vital industry by harnessing the power of data analytics to help drivers enjoy safer roads and to save money. The Go Safe Map now analyzes 10 trillion miles of driving data — combined from over 200 federal, state, and local transportation databases, to help make roads safer.

Go CEO & Co-Founder, Kevin Pomplun is available for media inquiries via the contact information below:


Tanika Pradhan

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