The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker is Now a Master Class Series

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Gift of Fear by violence prevention expert Gavin de Becker is now a master class series on personal safety. A Special Advance look at the first nine classes is being made available at no cost to viewers:

In this master class series, de Becker teaches key lessons on violence and the role of intuition in personal safety. His lifesaving concepts are underscored during discussions with people who have prevailed over violence, as well as law enforcement leaders, and public figures who contribute their own experiences applying the concepts from The Gift of Fear.

In its first release, The Gift of Fear was an instant #1 National Bestseller, and spent four months on The New York Times bestseller list. De Becker was featured several times on the Oprah Winfrey Show and every major newsmagazine show. The book has been published in more than 20 editions and is now available in 25 languages. It remains the best-selling book in the world on violence.

Viewers of the master classes will learn how Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, and Lena Dunham prevailed through their personal experiences with violence and risk. Viewers will learn from in-depth discussions with people who have unique lessons to teach, including a woman whose daughter was killed in the Newtown School shooting, a woman whose daughter was murdered by her boyfriend, a man who accidentally shot and killed his younger brother when he was 12 – and experts from the FBI and the LAPD, including OJ Simpson prosecutor, Marcia Clark. A few of the segments were directed by Mike Myers, whom people know as an actor, writer, and producer – but is also a father of three children whom he believes will benefit from this master class series.

“When Oprah announced a show commemorating the 10th anniversary of The Gift of Fear, I decided to go back and revisit the concepts in the book in the context of our world with increasing violence,” de Becker said. “We came to learn that even with people randomly selected, every single participant in our class had a profound experience of violence. At the end of these classes, you’re going to know a great deal about how to stay safe from violence and you will have learned directly from people who prevailed, myself included.”

The teachings in The Gift of Fear are particularly valuable today, given the decay in social order arising from unemployment, thousands of demonstrations, riots, increased crime, the anonymity afforded by face coverings and the Internet, and new risks arising from cultural division.

The master class series is produced and directed by Jeff Apple (“In The Line of Fire”).

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Geoff Towle

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