The Future of the Web is Here: Universe Drops Radical New Brand Campaign and Expands Tools to Empower Anyone to Own Their Corner of the Internet

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Somehow we’ve gotten the idea that the internet is created by people sitting at desks wrestling with computers. But the next generation of the web will be more inviting and more human, so that anyone, anywhere can build their part of the internet. Universe, the app that empowers anyone to build a website on any device without code, has become the launchpad of choice for more than 1 million creators on Earth, and today the company announced a whole new world of possibilities for anyone to claim their corner of the internet.

A new brand campaign starring a 90-second film in Universe’s punk aesthetic, “Hello World” sets fire to the narrative that websites have to be boring. The new Universe shows that there’s nothing square about building websites, breaking down barriers to site creation and making the process intuitive, tactile and playful. With a suite of new features and infinite exploration, Universe is the easiest and most attainable path for today’s creators, entrepreneurs and microbrands to create dynamic, striking websites on a custom domain at its most affordable price.

We’ve reached a turning point in the creator economy, where renting space on social platforms and marketplaces is too risky for creative entrepreneurs,” said Joseph Cohen, CEO and founder of Universe. “Modern creators want to own their platform. We’ve made Universe the fastest, most fun and affordable way to launch a brand and start making money in minutes. The internet is for everyone. Universe exists to help turn millions more ideas into reality.”

Hello World

The internet doesn’t belong to corporations and billionaire overlords. We’re giving the internet back to the people. It’s something we get to create and shape with our hands. Together. Wherever we roam. “Hello World” is Universe’s invitation to the next generation of creators – artists, chefs, writers, philosophers and free-thinkers – to join the movement to make the internet electric.

Following a vibrant world explorer in a bleak and desolate landscape, this brand film unearths the future of the internet. Created in-house by the Universe team, the video will be featured as a digital ad, syndicated across the far reaches of the web and infused into a bold new homepage and in-app visuals.

Claim Your Domain

While Universe is already a highly rated iOS app (Editors’ Choice and 4.6-star rating in the App Store), Universe is now opening up its tools to even more creators on the web. With its new browser-based editor, creators can now access all of Universe’s tools to build a striking, unique website on any device. High-profile creators ranging from urban streetwear shops to renowned artists and Instagram-worthy food pop-ups have already used Universe to claim their domain and create a site all their own.

Now available wherever you roam, Universe released:

  • Domain+ – a new tier that pairs a custom domain with a custom website for less than $1 per month. Before Universe, anyone with an idea for a site had to pay for a domain and then hire a designer and a developer to build out a custom site to launch their online identity. It shouldn’t be that hard or expensive to own your platform. For only $11.99 per year, Domain+ includes a custom domain on top of Universe’s most popular tools to make dynamic, memorable sites and shops on any device – zero design or coding experience needed. Universe sites with custom domains already get up to 1500% more visits; claim your audience easier than ever before.
  • Web App (beta) – the most popular features of its iOS app are now available in a beta Web app, available for free regardless of preferred device. Open a browser, login and make your idea a reality.
  • Leveled up Commerce Tools – Merchants selling on Universe have sold more than $1.4 million of their unique goods, and now shipping through Universe is even easier. Merchants can now charge a standard shipping rate on orders, and sync with popular shipping and payments partners like FedEx, USPS and PayPal. Set up shop and start making money in minutes.

What sets Universe apart from legacy website builders is the GRID, which breaks every site into design Blocks to make the complex, simple. On either end of Domain+, Universe offers two other tiers – a basic free plan and a paid Pro plan – that power modern online business, so creators and entrepreneurs only pay for the tools they need.

Anyone can get started with the Universe by downloading the app at for iOS devices or at

About Universe

Universe breaks down barriers and lets anyone, anywhere build a custom website without code, from a phone. It’s a new way to make sites and shops that’s intuitive, tactile and feels like play. With more than 1 million active sites powered by Universe, its GRID system breaks every site into simple building blocks. Drag, drop, tap and swipe your way to owning your corner of the internet. Backed by Google Ventures, Addition, General Catalyst and a graduate of Y Combinator, the company has been recognized as one of The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups in 2022, and CEO and Founder Joseph Cohen one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. Help us create a more electric internet, and visit


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