The Future of Automation Requires Visual Media Management Now

Early adoption of the correct media management is crucial for laying the foundations for the growing adoption of automating the extraction of insights from visual data.

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unleash live, one of the world’s leading A.I. video analytics platforms, announced today a major release of media management capabilities to make using the platform more powerful and intuitive for enterprise, public safety and government organizations.

Having a centralized home for all visual media assets captured by CCTV, field workers using smart phones and drones prepares organizations for the inevitable adoption of automating visual data insights even if automation is not on your agenda – yet.

“A.I. enabled systems have the greatest impact on workflows that are currently routine, predictable and repetitive. Hence the importance of managing your visual data – images and video captured in the field today. These assets are the foundational building blocks of a future of building and training A.I. for improved operational effectiveness, financial performance insights and much more,” says Hanno Blankenstein, CEO at Unleash live. “This is an area where consumer tech is leading the enterprise space. Google & Apple Photos are commonplace for media storage of your personal memories. Enterprises have a similar need to ingest in real time all manner of images and video from their devices in the field, and across their organization. To have one centralized place where the data can be leveraged across the organization, but also used to train and build future A.I. This is what we have built and our customers are going to love it!”

Current situation – a case study

Currently, storage of media assets is fragmented across different departments in organizations – on SD cards, share drives, etc. Without a centralized and a holistic view of specific assets, it makes it difficult to manage and unlock the valuable insights that this data holds. Consider a wind farm inspection. Some images may be captured by a drone pilot with a UAV, others by blade technicians with body cameras or smart phones. The lack of geotagging of metadata associated with each video and image of each wind turbine means that it becomes difficult to manage, categorize and analyze this data. And even though just enough imagery is collected to get the job done, the number of images collected exponentially grows in number during inspection season. Multiply that by thousands of wind turbines that each need to be inspected – that is a lot of data to manage.

Enabling the future state of media management – now

At the heart of the Unleash live platform is Media Management, providing an end point for ingested media for storing, organizing, filtering and searching as well as annotating images collected from the field. The latest product release is a major overhaul of specifically the library’s capabilities including:

  • Device agnostic ingestion: The ability to store data from virtually any visual sensor. From drones, to CCTV, bodycams, satellite and smartphones.
  • Going beyond traditional image and video file types: 2D, 3D, VR models.
  • Powerful tools to work the assets: Customized tagging, folder nesting, filtering, annotating , running A.I. apps in the library.
  • Intuitive contextual navigation: View metadata and file information to navigate your files and understand the status of your assets through our geospatial map.
  • Enhanced Viewing: Deeper integration of raw images, with worked assets and AI outputs.

These new capabilities are being rolled out today. For more information visit

About Unleash live: Unleash live is a world class A.I. video analytics platform built to service the growing adoption of visual capture devices such as UAVs, IP cameras, CCTV, mobile and body cameras used in enterprise, public safety and government. This software company offers a plug-and-play computer vision solution for businesses to use with their existing hardware, connecting cameras with a powerful data insight solution to safely and efficiently operate and maintain assets.


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