The Daily Wire Launches ‘DailyWire+’ With Addition of Jordan Peterson

The deal includes exclusive rights over sales and distribution of “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast” and the development of new audio and video content

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Daily Wire is expanding its streaming service with the launch of DailyWire+, an umbrella platform under which the company’s growing catalog of video content will live. With the launch of the new platform, the company announced the addition of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and an expansion of its existing deal with PragerU.

Peterson has signed a major multi-year deal with DailyWire+ that includes DailyWire+’s management of the sales and distribution of “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast,” exclusive bonus content on every episode, and the development of subscriber-only specials featuring Peterson and other special guests.

When asked why he was making the move to DailyWire+, Peterson responded, “Obviously, there’s a huge shift in media technology from whatever was the legacy media in print, video, entertainment, and in the digital world, and clearly DailyWire+ is at the forefront of that. Partnering with a company that shares my own values for excellence and entrepreneurial vision is the natural next step for me. And,” he added, “it’s time for a new adventure.”

Peterson’s existing podcast and video library, which has amassed over a half-billion downloads and views since 2016, is now hosted at DailyWire+. The show will continue twice weekly. Additionally, DailyWire+ will produce a library of premium content featuring Peterson, the first of which is available now on the platform: “Dragons, Monsters and Men,” a four-part series on men, masculinity and purpose. DailyWire+ will continue to distribute “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast” on traditional podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify, and will bring all ad sales for the show in-house.

DailyWire+ has also expanded its existing deal with PragerU, the non-profit started by Dennis Prager and best known for its five-minute educational videos, which have pulled in over five billion views since the group’s launch in 2009. DailyWire+ will be releasing exclusive content with PragerU, including a new series, “PragerU Master’s Program with Dennis Prager,” which is due out this fall.

The expansion of the media company is a significant move for the business. Co-founded in 2015 by Jeremy Boreing, Caleb Robinson, and Ben Shapiro, the company has grown to a current annual run rate of $200MM.

“The launch of DailyWire+ marks the beginning of an aggressive technological and content expansion for us,” said co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. “The addition of Dr. Jordan Peterson, the pre-eminent public intellectual of our time, should indicate exactly how serious we are about bringing quality counter-cultural voices to the fore.”

About DailyWire+

DailyWire+ is a subscription podcast and video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by The Daily Wire, LLC. The service is an umbrella platform that covers The Daily Wire + The World of Jordan Peterson + PragerU + Movies and, coming in 2023, a new kids’ content offering. DailyWire+ distributes several of the top-ranked podcasts in America, including “The Ben Shapiro Show,” “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast,” “Candace” with Candace Owens, “The Matt Walsh Show,” “The Michael Knowles Show,” and “Morning Wire.”


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