Tellurian Announces Binding Open Seasons for the Haynesville Global Access Pipeline and the Delhi Connector Pipeline

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tellurian (NASDAQ: TELL) announced today separate binding open seasons
on two proposed pipelines that will connect areas of constrained shale
production and debottleneck natural gas pipeline infrastructure, further
enabling the rapidly growing industrial market in Southwest Louisiana.

  • Tellurian’s subsidiary Haynesville Global Access Pipeline LLC
    is seeking to secure prospective shippers for a previously announced
    natural gas pipeline, the Haynesville Global Access Pipeline (HGAP).
    HGAP is expected to be a 42-inch diameter, approximately 160-mile
    interstate pipeline that will interconnect existing pipeline and
    production facilities in DeSoto Parish to the existing and proposed
    infrastructure located near Gillis in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.
    HGAP is estimated to cost just over one billion dollars to construct
    and will have the capacity to transport up to two billion cubic feet
    of natural gas per day (bcf/d). Construction is projected to begin in
    2022, with an in-service date of mid-2023.
  • Tellurian’s subsidiary Delhi Connector Pipeline LLC is also
    conducting a binding open season to secure prospective shippers for
    its newly proposed Delhi Connector Pipeline (DCPL). DCPL is expected
    to be a 42-inch diameter, approximately 180-mile interstate pipeline
    connecting the Perryville/Delhi Hub in Richland Parish, Louisiana to
    Gillis, Louisiana. DCPL is estimated to cost approximately $1.4
    billion to construct and will have the capacity to transport at least
    two bcf/d of natural gas. Construction is projected to begin as early
    as 2021, with an in-service date as early as 2023.

These two binding open seasons are in addition to Tellurian’s previously
announced Permian Global Access Pipeline binding open season.

President and CEO Meg Gentle said, “Tellurian has recognized the
critical need we have in the United States for additional natural gas
infrastructure that can leverage our country’s prolific shale resources.
We are willing to invest and build a pipeline network that connects to
key U.S. producing shale basins, detangling the existing pipeline and
regional bottlenecks and facilitating the flow of natural gas to feed
Southwest Louisiana’s growing industrial demands, which is estimated at
20+ bcf/d by 2025.”


  • HGAP’s open season will begin at noon central time on Monday, April
    29, 2019 and runs through Friday, June 21, 2019 at 4 p.m. Central time.
  • DCPL’s open season will begin at noon central time on Monday, April
    29, 2019 and runs through Friday, June 21, 2019 at 4 p.m. Central time.
  • PGAP’s previously announced open season began on April 8, 2019 and
    runs through Friday, May 24, 2019 at 4 p.m. Central time.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Joey Mahmoud, President of
Pipelines or Mac Broderick, VP of Business Development at
+1.832.962.4000 for more information.

About Tellurian Inc.

Tellurian was founded by Charif Souki and Martin Houston and is led by
President and CEO Meg Gentle. Tellurian intends to create value for
shareholders by building a low-cost, global natural gas business,
profitably delivering natural gas to customers worldwide. Tellurian is
developing a portfolio of natural gas production, LNG trading, and
infrastructure that includes an ~ 27.6 mtpa LNG export facility and an
associated pipeline. Tellurian is based in Houston, Texas, and its
common stock is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol

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relate to, among other things, the cost, construction, capacity, timing
and impact of HGAP and DCPL, the open seasons for certain Tellurian
pipelines, and future natural gas needs. These statements involve a
number of known and unknown risks, which may cause actual results to
differ materially from expectations expressed or implied in the
forward-looking statements. These risks include the matters discussed in
Item 1A of Part I of the Annual Report on Form 10-K of Tellurian for the
fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, and other filings of Tellurian with
the Securities and Exchange Commission, all of which are incorporated by
reference herein. Plans for the HGAP and DCPL projects are in the early
stages of development, and numerous aspects of the projects, such as
detailed engineering and permitting, have not commenced. Accordingly,
the nature, timing, scope and benefits of those projects may vary
significantly from our current plans due to a wide variety of factors,
including future changes to the proposals. The forward-looking
statements in this press release speak as of the date of this release.
Although Tellurian may from time to time voluntarily update its prior
forward-looking statements, it disclaims any commitment to do so except
as required by securities laws.


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