TEKVOX Introduces MV41+ 4K HDMI Multiview Switcher Offering Versatility for Many Applications

TEKVOX has expanded its family of PRO AV switching products with the introduction of the MV41+ 4K HDMI switcher. With flexible multiview, seamless switching, multiple control options, and support for 4K resolution, the MV41+ offers sophistication and versatility at an attractive price point.

“The MV41+ includes a number of premium features found separately in other switchers to provide advanced functionality to a wide range of end users,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “In addition to its versatility, the MV41+ is easy to operate and friendly to non-technical users.”

The new switcher’s flexible multiview enables users to view multiple sources simultaneously and to tailor layouts to meet the needs of many different applications. The MV41+ comes with 16 pre-defined layouts—including single view, side-by-side, three-source and quad view—and three possible window sizes. The multiview can be further customized to suit specific applications.

The MV41+ has 4 HDMI inputs, each equipped with auto-scaling to ensure universal compatibility with any device, and 1 HDMI output. Auto-scaling allows the switcher to accommodate a wide array of sources and resolutions, from the latest laptop to legacy devices.

The new TEKVOX switcher also includes two inputs for audio embedding and mixing, plus analog (AUDIO) and optical (SPDIF) outputs to provide easy audio de-embedding for routing to an amplifier. The audio output can switch automatically when a video source is selected or can be changed independently for precise control when in multiview.

When in single-window mode, automatic source-detection and switching offers convenient, hands-free operation with no need for a user interface. The switcher is controllable via its front panel buttons, RS232 commands, network (TCP/IP) commands via an easy-to-use web GUI or an included IR remote.

For a helpful illustration of the multiview switcher at work, let us consider a common use case. In this example three people are seated at a collaboration table with a flat-screen display at one end of the table.

When in auto-switching mode, the MV41+ automatically shows a user’s laptop screen as soon as it’s connected, regardless of which cable they use and without needing to press any buttons. When multiple people are collaborating, the system can switch from source to source, highlighting different users’ screens as needed while keeping others in the background. For example, one user can be writing a report on their own laptop, while another is crunching numbers in a spreadsheet and a third is doing research in a web browser. All three screens can be displayed simultaneously, and any screen can be emphasized when that person needs to share their progress with the group.

The TEKVOX MV41+ is available now through the TEKVOX Dealer Web Store (https://tekvox.store) for an MSRP of $825. Customers placing their first order on the Web Store will receive a 25 percent discount when they use the code: tekvox25. Regular dealer pricing applies for all registered dealers in addition to this discount.

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