Tech Startup Closes $1.5 Million in Funding

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tech startup today announced it has closed a $1.5 million seed capital raise. The funding will boost the company’s mission to democratize access to career coaching through a science-backed and analytics-driven platform.

The funding was led by Kevin Carter (General Partner and Founder of Night Capital), with participation from Caffeinated Capital, Brian Pokorny, Niche Capital, and Gold House Ventures. Strategic industry insiders also supported the raise, including chief product officers, executive coaches, and professional development specialists.

“We’re building Blossom because we spend over 1/3 of our lives at work,” asserts CEO and Co-Founder Ahmad Kakar, “and we all deserve better than stress, burnout, and tedium. People are looking for a change in their day-to-day lives; this funding represents support for that cause.”

Blossom will allocate the capital to further product development, expand their team, and continue to refine and improve the algorithms that form the backbone of their platform. Their iOS app is set to reach the App Store in late September.

Blossom is the first professional growth platform that utilizes science-backed techniques and advanced analytics to make professional coaching a more scalable, measurable, and scientific service for all employees of an organization.

Blossom users currently report a 42% uplift in stress and well-being for their first 8 weeks of usage, along with a 80% engagement rate within the first month of signing up.

“There are plenty of coaching solutions out there,” said COO and Co-Founder AJ Alkasmi, “but no one has taken advantage of the years of research, peer-reviewed studies, and scientific insight of professional development. This is where Blossom comes in, as a novel and innovative solution to inject real science and measurable outcomes into the coaching and professional development spaces that are typically subjective and vague.”

Blossom’s team is comprised of former operators with startups, management consulting, VCs, and executive coaches. The company’s mission is passionately represented in every team member, each wanting to redefine professional development. To learn more, visit


Blossom is redefining professional development through a science-backed and analytics-driven coaching app. They are revolutionizing how we spend 33% of our lives: working. Its novel solution is upending existing coaching paradigms – combining medical-grade science, advanced analytics, and proprietary tech. Blossom objectively and measurably helps individuals and organizations grow across all professional dimensions (e.g., productivity, communication, leadership development, etc.).


Ahmad Kakar, CEO & Co-Founder,

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