Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) Launches Main Street vs. Wall Street Campaign for Small Business Owners this Labor Day Weekend

ORO VALLEY, Ariz., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM), the developer of the ARknet platform and its MainSt.Shopping mobile marketplace, announces the launch of the Main Street vs. Wall Street campaign for small business owners this Labor Day weekend.

The largest retailers in the world—with their extensive digital marketplaces—are realizing record profits, while small businesses on “Main Street USA” are experiencing record losses and business closures. One small business alone cannot compete with corporate e-commerce giants, but millions banding together can.

Jordan Gray, ARknet’s platform architect, with over 20 years of experience in digital ecosystems development, said today, “Customers don’t want to deal with a multitude of websites just to support their local businesses when ordering online, and the typical small business online shopping experience is currently disjointed and confusing. This is why big retail e-commerce is booming, but that’s not so for small businesses. However, by bringing to small businesses a low-fee, unified marketplace with fast geo-localized mobile search, MainSt.Shopping can bring to small businesses the digital tools larger retailer have.”

Inside the ARknet Platform there are already 2.9 million retail business listings loaded in, ready to be claimed. For these 2.9 million businesses, once claimed, setting up the business is automatic. If a business is not already listed, it can add itself very quickly.

Ohio MainSt.Shopping vendor Ella Bella Homemade was able to quickly add its store and products and go “live” within one hour. Mandy Groszko, owner of Ella Bella Homemade said, “It was a no-brainer to add this new sales channel, since there are no cost or fees until there is a sale.”

She added, “And even then, the platform fee is fractional compared to what I am normally paying out to other marketplaces—more of the profit in my pocket lets me keep prices very competitive.”

Mandy continued, “Once I receive a notification, I can accept or reject the order, process a refund or send a note to the customer directly — it’s all very self-contained on my phone.”

MainSt.Shopping promises no monthly fees, no signup fees, and unlimited product listings. And businesses never pay unless there is a sale. The ARknet platform fee of 4.9% and $.30 per transaction includes the credit card processing (Stripe receives 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction) with the remaining smaller percentage supporting the ARknet platform. In addition, communities that organize and sign up 10 or more transacting businesses can designate (by way of a vote each year) an organization (such as a chamber of commerce or other civic organization) that will receive a quarter of a percent (.25%) of the platform fees collected.

David LaMountain, Tautachrome COO, said today, “Small businesses were scrambling the first few months of Covid, just trying to process and handle their operational challenges while, for safety reasons, they were often understaffed. Since March, the ARknet MainSt.Shopping platform has been expertly engineered, and we believe small businesses are ready to engage in full-speed digital commerce. ARknet is on a mission to make that easy, even for new businesses. The big-box retailers have all the tools in their hands, and we are determined to provide powerful digital e-commerce tools to everyday Main Street businesses, to give them an edge. By unifying small businesses and communities into ARknet’s MainSt.Shopping, we can level the playing field in competition for local dollars.”

Dr. Jon N. Leonard, Tautachrome’s CEO and an author of many of the company’s patents, said today, “Global commerce is poised to experience an enormous democratization of the exchange of goods and services. I believe this democratization will sweep through the world, and I expect ARknet to be a key driver in the process.”

The Main Street vs. Wall Street campaign marketing efforts will be substantial, including a dynamic sales team, social promotion, digital advertising, call center staff, app store promotion, physical ads, and a targeted direct mail campaign for ready-to-claim business listings.

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