Talkspace Launches New Product Suite to Help Employers Build Emotional Intelligence and Mental Well-Being In and Out of the Workplace

Talkspace Self-Guided Promotes Overall Wellness, Supports Working Parents and Strengthens Relationships

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Talkspace, the leading provider of virtual behavioral health services, today announced the launch of Talkspace Self-Guided, a suite of offerings for employers designed to help executives, managers, and teams prioritize and build emotional intelligence (EQ) and mental wellness in and out of the workplace. Packaged in a single smartphone app, Talkspace Self-Guided goes beyond mindfulness exercises to offer employees tried-and-true mental health training that can be accessed anonymously at any time, and can benefit their work and personal lives.

A recent study by Talkspace and The Harris Poll found that two out of every three employees considering leaving their jobs believed their employer had not followed through on early pandemic promises to focus on mental health. Talkspace Self-Guided allows employers to make mental health support more easily accessible to their workforce, so they can retain talent, improve interpersonal relationships between team members, and provide employees with the tools to build a healthy and fulfilling career. The app is built on the principles of attachment therapy, which looks at how a person’s earliest bonds with their caregivers help them better understand their emotions as individuals, as parents, and as partners in a relationship.

“Most managers do a good job at hiring a competent, skilled staff. Where managers and supervisors often struggle is hiring for, and teaching, those soft skills that create EQ such as self awareness, motivation, embracing change, establishing boundaries and how to simply get along with others. As companies return to an in-office setting, Talkspace Self-Guided can help employees navigate change, refresh their interpersonal skills and learn new strategies that can drive a happier relationship with work,” said Talkspace Chief Growth Officer Erin Boyd.

“The range of issues employees may be grappling with are not necessarily visible on the surface, especially as many continue struggling with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, and now, returning to the office,” said Talkspace’s Self-Guided Therapy Head Liz Colizza, LPC, NCC. “By offering courses and subject matter that ranges from stress management to self-awareness, and allowing employees to engage with it anonymously, on their own time, we are providing employers with practical, effective, and empowering solutions for their people.”

Talkspace Self-Guided leverages the framework from its Lasting from Talkspace products, which have proven to be effective for individuals, couples and families. Among initial users of these solutions, 73% of individuals report greater self-awareness from just 20 minutes of use per day, 79% say it helped them parent more effectively, and 90% of couples who use self-guided features together report new relationship strengths. Talkspace brings this best-in-class product suite to organizations as a part of the Talkspace comprehensive mental health package.

Talkspace Self-Guided Mental Wellbeing Suite

The Talkspace Self-Guided app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for plan-eligible employees to download and sign up for free with their employer-provided code. The app is also available to general consumers, including individuals, couples, and parents, on a monthly subscription basis looking to improve their overall wellness and empathy-building skills. Content and courses include:

Talkspace Self-Guided Courses: 400+ self-guided therapy sessions, which are a proven blend of psychoeducation, reflections, exercises, and journaling. These sessions are approximately five minutes each and cover a wide variety of topics, from depression, to anxiety, to parenting, to relationship issues.

Talkspace Workshops & Classes: 5-6 workshops and classes every week and 100+ on-demand classes, each guided by licensed therapists with anonymous group Q&A and personalized follow-ups. Upcoming classes in May of 2022 include: Finding Purpose and Passion, Taking Ownership of Your Career, Helping Teens with Perfectionism, Caring for a Kid with Depression, Navigating Work and Chronic Illness, Practicing Communication for Couples, and Recreating Your Identity After Kids.

Talkspace DE&I Related Content: Content and live events designed to specifically address DE&I topics in the workplace. Specific workshops include Racial Trauma & Mental Health, Understanding Unconscious Bias, and Supporting Diversity in Gender Identities.

Talkspace Daily Journal: Daily reflection prompts, sent via push notification to your smartphone, which help you journal about an important mental health topic for a few minutes per day.

Talkspace Engagement Calendar: Annual calendar containing mental health checklists, mindfulness exercises, reflection prompts, worksheets, and live events.

Talkspace Self-Guided is available as an employer-sponsored benefit or can be purchased via a monthly subscription ($29.99/month).

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a leading virtual behavioral healthcare company enabled by a purpose-built technology platform. As a digital healthcare company, all care is delivered through an easy-to-use and encrypted web and mobile platform, consistent with HIPAA and state regulatory requirements.

Today, the need for care feels more urgent than ever. When seeking treatment, whether it’s psychiatry or adolescent, individual or couples therapy, Talkspace offers treatment options for almost every need. With Talkspace, members can send their dedicated therapists text, video, and voice messages anytime, from anywhere, and engage in live video, audio or chat sessions.

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