Superpower Raises $4M Pre-Seed to Launch Preventative Healthcare Platform

The virtual platform makes it easy for people to access personalized, preventative, and longevity focused medicine.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Superpower, a healthcare platform that makes it easy for people to access personalized, preventative, and longevity-focused medicine, announced today that it has raised $4 million in pre-seed funding. The round was led by Susa Ventures with participation from Long Journey Ventures, Family Fund, Atman VC, 24 Carrot VC, Focalpoint Partners, and Seaside Ventures. Also participating in the round were several prominent angel investors including Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Balaji Srinivasan, Scott and Cyan Banister, and Evan Charles Moore the Co-Founder of Doordash. Since its founding in early 2023, Superpower has built a nationwide healthcare platform, integrated with hundreds of testing and treatment partners, and rolled out a beta membership model.

Superpower’s mission is to empower every person with personalized, preventative, and performance enhancing healthcare.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Kevin Unkrich, Max Marchione, and Jacob Peters, the Superpower team believes that if healthcare were built today, it would look completely different. Personalized and preventative. Digital-first and tech-forward. With an iconic community and brand, plus a seamless consumer experience like we’ve come to expect from companies such as Apple or Tesla.

After starting two prior companies now privately valued at over $500 million, CEO Jacob Peters says he was inspired to build a healthcare company after a personal health scare left him hospitalized for over 3 months with a multi-million-dollar bill, that was most likely preventable. “After not getting the care I needed, I spent over two years on an extensive healing journey that led me to the frontier of modern medicine, where I worked with a half dozen high end, concierge medicine doctors to fully heal myself. The difference between the reactive, one-size-fits-all primary care I had received – versus the integrative, proactive model you can access privately if you have money and are in the know – was staggering. We realized there was an opportunity to build a new type of technology company to democratize this superior model of medicine for everyone, making it easier for us all to feel healthier, live longer and be disease free,” says Peters.

Superpower is looking to close the gap between medicine for the .1% and everybody else, enabling every household in the nation to find a level of personalized care that has historically only been available to the wealthiest of people.

By combining whole-body testing, concierge clinicians paired with AI, and an ecosystem of the best treatments, they seek to become a person’s health partner for life.

Superpower is opening its waitlist and plans to onboard new members every week throughout the remainder of 2024.

“We’re building the healthcare system we want for ourselves and our loved ones. One that is holistic, data-driven, and can support the problems that have classically been neglected by healthcare: nutrition, sleep, inflammation, gut health, hormones, toxins, and longevity, amongst others. Preventative medicine is just getting started,” says Co-Founder and COO, Max Marchione.

“Superpower wants to help build a healthcare system that prioritizes preventative care, as well as uses healthcare as a tool for longevity and performance enhancement,” says Superpower Co-Founder and CTO, Kevin Unkrich.

Superpower has created tools that make it easy to test your entire body every year that are significantly more comprehensive than a traditional primary care physical, with results tracked across your lifetime, and personalized insights from a medical team designs a custom health strategy that evolves with you.

The platform also keeps members up to date with the latest trends and scientific research, continually evaluating new tests, technologies, and protocols to help reliably predict future disease at the earliest moment possible, solve acute health problems holistically, and enhance human performance. A dedicated Superpower research team constantly scans the world to curate the best health solutions for its marketplace.

“Our vision is to build the world’s first all-in-one digital clinic to bring preventative and longevity focused healthcare to every human, along with a unique brand proposition paired with a powerhouse Silicon Valley native engineering and design team that this industry has not yet seen,” says Superpower physician Dr. Jonathan Richina, MD, formerly One Medical.

“Superpower’s mission is deeply personal to us,” says Unkrich. “We’ve experienced firsthand how doctors with the right tools can help us to become the best versions of ourselves. I’m thrilled to team up with my business partners to get more people access to the world’s best healthcare.”


Jacob Peters

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