Streakk Has Launched a 3rd Generation Blockchain Infrastructure

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – May 26, 2023) – Streakk has launched a 3rd generation blockchain infrastructure — one year before the expected time. This milestone marks a significant accomplishment on Streakk’s roadmap as it prepares to launch the mainnet. 

Streakk has launched a 3rd generation blockchain infrastructure on which developers and projects can build their own blockchains. Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain network boasts high-speed, security, and highly scalable solutions with a fixed transaction fee of $0.001, a transaction rate of 100,000 transactions per second, and a confirmation time of 2 to 4 seconds. 

Streakk operates on a proprietary consensus algorithm which uses a combination of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Simple Time Protocol (STP). STP works on a verifiable clock and as such incorporates a clock into the blockchain which verifies time taken between two events. This enables validators in the network to know the timestamp of events and eliminates the need for them to check with all available validators every time to record a transaction. 

The first use case in the blockchain is the Streakk chain, a side chain built on Streakk’s Main Chain. The Streakk blockchain infrastructure is known as the Main Chain and the blockchains developed within it are referred to as side chains. 

Each side chain has its own validators and governance mechanisms that are completely independent from each other. As such, central banks, financial institutions, stable coins, and even private crypto projects can build on this infrastructure independently. 

To ensure adaptability, Streakk is launching an incubation for projects that are going to be built on Streakk blockchain chain in 3 ways:

  1. Advance technical knowledge: Future builders will have access to an experienced Streakk’s technology team that will aim to support all their needs. This way, developers will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to start building.

  2. Strong positioning for marketing: Future builders can leverage Streakk’s over 1.2 million users to expand their projects.

  3. Funding: Streakk will provide funds to companies building on the Streakk Blockchain to build and grow their projects.

After announcing the launch of one of the fastest and secure blockchain technology on May 11, Streakk went further to set up its testnet on May 12 — a crucial step towards their upcoming mainnet launch.

The testnet allows the 3rd generation blockchain infrastructure to be open to developers and users for testing. This will enable developers to test and debug decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain protocols while also allowing users to experience them.

In August, Streakk will officially launch the mainnet and a number of projects will be built on the Streakk chain for the community members.

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Streakk is a truly decentralized crypto platform that’s focused on shaping the future of finance.

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