Strategy Analytics: 7 in 10 Smartphone Buyers in China Open to New Brands in H2 2021

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, 7 in 10 Chinese who plan to buy a new smartphone in the next six months are open to a completely new smartphone brand if it had good reviews and prices. Only half of Chinese smartphone users agree that they have a good experience with almost everything they need to do using their smartphone.

In the latest consumer insights analysis report “China Smartphone and Consumer Electronics Purchase Plans”, the consulting firm finds Chinese buyers although very comfortable embracing new technologies are not particularly satisfied with their current experiences.

The report also finds:

  • 35% of high tier smartphones owners will replace in the next 6 months.
  • 5G is mandatory with 90% of all users expecting their next smartphone to be 5G.
  • Only half of Chinese smartphone users agree that they have a good experience with almost everything they need to do using their smartphone. Apple is the clear leader in this measure.
  • Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi trail Apple in terms of repeat purchase intention by 17-21 points in China.

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Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, noted: “Chinese customers are among the least brand loyal across a range of consumer electronics goods and services. Smartphones are no exception. 7 in 10 of those planning to buy in the next 6 months would consider trying a completely new brand. Winning a customer, the first time is difficult but keeping them for their next device is even more challenging.”

David Kerr, Senior Vice President at Strategy Analytics, commented “Apple is best in class while Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi lag behind in repeat purchase intention among smartphone buyers in China. Vendors need to understand what elements of their product, technology, distribution, and overall buyer journey are weak points among different customer groups.”

Linda Sui, Senior Director, at Strategy Analytics, said, “China is the largest and one of the most volatile smartphone markets in the world. 40% bought their Smartphone less than 9 months ago as the replacement cycle continues to be among lowest in world. The opportunity to take share from rivals is constant. Market leadership can swing over the course of a quarter or two. Anticipating changing consumer needs is critical.”

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Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst,
Linda Sui, Senior Director,
David Kerr, Senior Vice President,

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