Stillhouse Is Equipping Hurricane Prone Homes With “Unbreakable” Metal Shutters

Stillhouse to help protect homes in the same way it protects its canned spirits while supporting the resilience of communities in partnership with SBP

CORAL GABLES, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to forecasts, 2020 has the potential to see one of the highest number of hurricanes hitting US coastal cities with an estimated 19 to 25 named storms. The United States Congressional Budget Office estimates $34 billion in expected annual economic losses to the residential sector from hurricane-related damage. To protect property and prevent damage, STILLHOUSE®, a premium range of spirits packaged in 100% stainless steel cans instead of glass bottles, announces a program that donates metal shutters, fortifying homes across the Florida Panhandle.

The Stillhouse “Unbreakable” Shutters initiative has partnered with SBP, a national disaster resilience and recovery nonprofit, to provide and install shutters for homes in impacted by Hurricane Michael. Since 2006, SBP has worked to shrink the time between disaster and recovery by rebuilding after disaster, creating more resilient individuals and businesses by preparing them before disaster and advocating for policy and system change to expedite recovery. The Stillhouse program will donate over 400 metal shutter panels to help people that were affected by previous hurricanes, protecting more than $3 million dollars SBP invested into rebuilding homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

Rooted in resilience, Stillhouse brings its unbreakable spirit inspired by its stainless steel cans to strengthen the most fragile area of the home–the glass windows–demonstrating that metal resists what glass can’t. The Stillhouse stainless steel cans represent industrial strength and utility in the same way that hurricane shutters provide utilitarian strength to protect glass from breaking. By providing homeowners with metal shutters, SBP and Stillhouse honor the tenacious spirit of these individuals and their local community to remain and rebuild, reinforcing the brand’s values of resilience and solidarity.

“We understand that the US storm season had the potential to be particularly damaging this year and we have already seen the terrible destruction Hurricane Laura has caused. We want to do our part to lend support to families at risk and prevent future damage by strengthening their homes with metal shutters – the same type metal we use to make our Stillhouse cans,” said Jennifer Pisciotta, Global Vice President, Acceleration Brands. “Our brand values resourcefulness and resilience and we are inspired by the strength these families have shown by rebuilding. We’ve partnered with SBP to provide protection to homes in Bay County, FL through their expertise and longstanding commitment in the community. They have worked tirelessly to help vulnerable families rebuild and we are honored to help aid in strengthening their resilient spirit.”

“We are proud to partner with Stillhouse – a brand that stands for resilience – to support Hurricane Michael-impacted homeowners,” said Elizabeth Egle, SBP Chief Development Officer. “The Stillhouse “Unbreakable Shutters” add another element of durability to the homes we rebuild to create safe and secure homes for the families we serve.

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About Stillhouse® Spirits Co. USA

Stillhouse is an award-winning American-made spirits portfolio encased in one-of-a-kind, unbreakable 100% stainless steel cans that go where glass can’t. Forging a path that goes against the grain, Stillhouse Spirits Co. was founded in 2016. From its inception, Stillhouse has created a unique and differentiated platform in the spirits industry – from liquid to package – by defying industry norms, breaking through the monotony and all in a metal can that stands for the unbreakable spirit of America’s finest.

Our Stillhouse Whiskey is distilled in traditional copper stills then charcoal filtered for superior quality and taste, allowing the natural sweetness of the corn to shine throughout the mellow flavor and smooth finish that make this a truly versatile spirit. Our Stillhouse whiskey is also available in Apple Crisp, Peach Tea and Spiced Cherry. All flavors are natural and gluten free. In 2018, Stillhouse introduced Stillhouse Black Bourbon and in 2019, the brand took the biggest spirits category head on with the debut of Stillhouse Classic Vodka. Stillhouse spirits are available nationwide at America’s Finest retailers, establishments, select Duty Free Americas and United States Marine Corps retail stores. For a location near you, please visit Join the Unbreakable Nation by visiting



About SBP

SBP solves the challenges facing at risk communities by bringing the discipline, process, and rigor of business and innovation to create social impact and shrink the time between disaster and recovery.

SBP do this in three ways— reach, rebuild and reform. We broaden our reach, by sharing our model, approach and resources, ensuring more people are prepared for and can recover from disaster more quickly. We rebuild communities efficiently and resiliently following disaster. And, we are constantly working to reform by advocating for policy and system change.

Since its founding in 2006 in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, SBP has rebuilt homes for more than 2,300 families with the help of 130,000 volunteers in 13 communities across the U.S. and in the Bahamas.

To learn more, visit and like/follow on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @SBPUSA


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