Starcity Announces the “Home Key of the Future” With the Latest Mobile App Launch

New mobile app to unlock much more than a member’s home at Starcity.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coliving–Starcity, the largest developer and operator of coliving on the west coast in the United States announced the release of their new mobile app for Starcity’s members. This new app is designed to foster connections between members so they can focus on what truly matters – each other. It comes at a time when too many digital tools are fueling social isolation.

“Two in five Americans report that they sometimes or always feel their social relationships are not meaningful, and one in five say they feel lonely or socially isolated,” according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The vision of the app is to prioritize features that help foster live relationships between members and their surrounding communities versus encouraging excessive digital engagement. Brandon Quinn, Director of Product Management at Starcity, mentions that, “The app will help new members become organically acclimated to the community and reduce the barrier to engagement in a significant way. The mobile experience allows us to think expansively about digital and social connections. In a world where social media constantly asks you to pick up your phone, we want to create something that will encourage you to put it down and start a conversation.”

Starcity sponsors events for members as one way to help encourage interaction amongst members. The hope is that these interactions will reduce social isolation over time. The app allows members to select and RSVP to events hosted at any of Starcity’s communities. “Starcity has always been about creating connections between people. Coliving not only lets you find a great place in the heart of the city but also find and connect with people who share your interests and get exposed to new interests. We want the mobile app to make this process even easier than before. With the app, you’ll be able to create IRL connections in your building, community, and city,” notes Brandon Quinn.

“Meeting people and developing connections takes time, energy, and most of all, vulnerability. My boyfriend and I move to different cities a few times a year, normally when it’s time to pack up and move is when we are finally starting to form connections. Living in a Starcity building has made it easy to organically meet others who share the same interest and form connections immediately. Everyone has a voice in this community, and it has made it comfortable and easy to express our self. My experience has been simple; I’m spoiled; I get Yoga on the roof, wine tastings, surf lessons, and I get to do them with other people in my community that share my same passions. I’ve made lifetime friendships here, couldn’t be happier!” – Kayleigh, Starcity member

Starcity’s members rank convenience high on their list of must-haves. The app aims to extend the need for convenience to the digital space and is designed to make it easy for Starcity’s members to submit maintenance requests, check the status of those requests, and pay rent right from the app. “An efficient digital way to report problems within the building or community will help us respond better to member concerns. The app will also empower members to take action on their own when a community manager isn’t needed. This will be a way to reduce our operational overhead when supporting our members,” notes Brandon Quinn.

Upcoming releases will feature ways to control the entire living experience.

“The future of urban living is experience-driven. We’re going from a time where an apartment was just a place to rest your head to thinking of it more as a catalyst for how you unlock city living. In the not too distant future, you’ll be able to control everything from your front door lock to the mood lighting in your room. From there, you’ll be able to see who’s available to hang out and have dinner in your community and plan and host events with the touch of a button. But most importantly, you’d put your phone down and go back to making meaningful connections. We strive to make great cities accessible to everyone, and this is a giant leap in that direction,” noted Jon Dishotsky, CEO and co-founder of Starcity.

The new app is available exclusively to Starcity members on both iOS and Android platforms.

About Starcity

Starcity is the largest developer and operator of coliving on the west coast of the United States. The company currently operates hundreds of units in San Francisco and Los Angeles with thousands in development. Coliving is a new category of rental multi-family housing that reduces the cost to the individual, increases the community by sharing more space and activities and simplifies the ease of use by providing plug & play living spaces. Starcity has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NBC and is backed by Bullpen Capital, Deciens, Industry Ventures, NEA, PayItFwd, and Y Combinator as well as notable angels including Trip Adler, Balaji Srinivasan, Jude Gomila, Immad Akhund, Laks Srini, and Paul Buchheit.



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