Sports Marketing Trends to Use

Running a successful sporting agency requires a number of different skills including the ability to be able to attract talent and market them effectively. There is no doubt that the internet has come in and transformed this sector, just as it has for all of the other business types out there. So, in the following blog post, we are going to look at some of the trends that have impacted the sports marketing business and see how they may be useful in your own enterprise. 

Big Content 

One of the greatest areas of focus for sports marketing across the spectrum has been a zeroing in on ‘big content’. Essentially, this means things that people have never seen before that are going to attract a great deal of media content of some description. For example, the previous year has seen the first sub two-hour marathon time recorded, which was sponsored by Nike and saw a lot of focus placed upon their running shoes as a result. This site will tell you more about the social media side of sports marketing and how this has had a big influence  on other areas of marketing in general. 

Women in Sport 

While sport has traditionally placed a great deal attention on the male athletes and competitors (and still does in many ways), there has been a big shift towards female athletes over recent years. There is no doubt that this is a trend that looks to continue in sport and businesses of all kinds as people become more clued up about feminism and its influences on society as a whole. Being able to hype up female stars to the same level is certainly going to be a trend that doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. 


The virtual world has meant that there has been an explosion in e-sport players. Once treated as something to not be taken particularly seriously, this has all changed in a big way, and now competitors take a stage on the world and compete for prizes and sponsorship packages that are significant. At the same time, it is inevitable that the names and faces need further representation and promotion to elevate their standing.


Just as it has been a focus for a host of other businesses, there has been a big shift towards looking at sustainability and the ways in which it is going to influence the world of sport – just as it has impacted all sorts of other areas. So, whether you run a sports marketing agency or another business, you should certainly focus on this environmental aspect and pushing this to as wide an audience as you possibly can. 

These are just some of the trends that have influenced sport over the past year that look set to ripple forwards for years to come. So, they are certainly useful to pay attention to as they also give you a more general idea of how the business world is developing as well.

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