Spectral Measurement Adds Loudspeaker Test Chambers To Its Product Portfolio

Spectral Measurement (formerly the Test & Measurement division of Prism Sound) has signed a licensing deal with UK-based Hill Acoustics enabling it to manufacturer and sell the company’s Loudspeaker Test Chambers.

Hill Acoustics’ LTC range includes a selection of Tetrahedral Test Chambers (TTCs) as well as other geometries that provide test and measurement solutions for loudspeaker cabinets.

Graham Boswell, Managing Director of Spectral Measurement, points out that in the age of digital precision and ever improving sound quality, better measurement and characterization of loudspeakers is a must. However, loudspeaker measurement has traditionally been difficult due to the requirement for a very large space to avoid room-related artefacts and the need for the device to be precisely located under test and measurement microphones. Variations of 6dB or more in responses measured at different times are not uncommon as a result.

“Hill Acoustic’s LTC range neatly and inexpensively solves these problems by providing a precise jig for the speaker and microphone and by calibrating the enclosure so that the equivalent free-field response can easily be calculated,” he explains. “As well as being accurate and consistent, this compact, low cost solution also fits perfectly with our company ethos of delivering useful, workable solutions to the audio test and measurement market.

Geoff Hill, CTO of Hill Acoustics, says: “We are looking forward to bringing the Tetrahedral Test Chambers to a World-wide market. This agreement with Spectral Measurement helps to achieve that by combining our individual strengths and capabilities in audio measurement and marketing”.

The benefits of Spectral Measurement’s new LTC range include improved repeatability of measurements and calibrated low frequency free field response – all without the need for large and expensive anechoic chambers. The range is also compatible with Spectral Measurement’s existing portfolio of high-performance audio test and measurement products, which include dScope Series III and dScope-M1.

Spectral Measurement will be showing its LTC range at the 2019 AES Convention in New York. For more information about these products, please visit www.spectralmeasurement.com/ttc

About Spectral Measurement
Spectral Measurement (formerly Prism Sound test & Measurement) has been developing innovative, high quality audio test and measurement solutions since 1987. These devices, which include the groundbreaking dScope Series III audio analyser, are used to measure the performance of either audio electronic or electroacoustic devices and are well established in major manufacturing sectors such as professional audio, automotive electronics, telecommunications, headphones and headsets. www.spectralmeasurement.com

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