Soundtrap Launches ‘Soundtrap Capture,’ New Music App for Collaborative, On-the-Go Recording

New user-friendly tool lets creators collaborate in real time and record high-quality audio whenever and wherever inspiration strikes

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SoundtrapCaptureApp–Soundtrap today launched Soundtrap Capture, a collaborative mobile app for on-the-go music capture and creation. Built with musicians and artists in mind, the new app is an interactive, user-friendly tool that lets creators collaborate in real time, and record high-quality audio whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Starting today, Soundtrap Capture is available globally to download for free on the iOS App Store.

“This new app is all about capturing creativity whenever, and wherever it strikes. Whether it’s walking down the street, sitting in a cafe or jamming in the studio – the Soundtrap Capture app lets artists collaborate and create right there in the moment.” – Per Emanuelsson, Director of Soundtrap at Spotify.

Soundtrap empowers high-quality collaborative music-making for people around the world, giving creators the opportunity to jam in one place – see who’s recording, vibe to ideas and discuss and react to them in real time. With the Soundtrap Capture app, turning concepts into songs has never been easier.

Developed in conjunction with artists, Soundtrap Capture is an artist-oriented experience focused on the very first step of the music creation process: the concept. It’s this early stage of the creative process – the first strains of melody, the initial ad-libbed verse, the spontaneous guitar riff – that Soundtrap aims to streamline through Soundtrap Capture.

Based on insights from thousands of musicians and their collaborators, Soundtrap set out to simplify the overly complicated music ideation process, which typically involves many musicians toggling between voice notes, messaging apps, digital audio workstations and storage destinations to get their concepts across. Equipped with built-in tools for recording, layering, real-time collaboration and storage, Soundtrap Capture replaces this multi-platform process with one efficient app.

“Empowering artists to create their best work is core to our mission at Spotify,” said Charlie Hellman, Vice President and Head of Marketplace, Spotify. “I’m excited to see Soundtrap Capture help more musicians simplify the creative process and capture sparks of inspiration.”

With an upcoming update, Soundtrap’s Studio tool will soon allow artists to collaborate seamlessly on projects between the Soundtrap Capture app and the Soundtrap Studio app on mobile or desktop. This zero-friction workflow will enable, for example, a musician to start an idea on the go via Soundtrap Capture, and then have a collaborator pick up and build on that idea using Soundtrap Studio from their computer.

Features immediately available on Soundtrap Capture include:

  • Multi-track Layering: layer track recordings, instruments and vocals over one another to create different takes.
  • Collaborate with Creators: invite multiple collaborators to join a project, present ideas, record and layer tracks to create songs together in real time.
  • Live Storage: immediately sync and back up all projects to the Soundtrap system, and easily access them so that you never lose an idea again.

And coming later this year:

  • Seamless Integration: transfer seamlessly between the Soundtrap Capture app and the Soundtrap Studio, between desktop and mobile, all without missing a beat.


A part of Spotify, Soundtrap is the first cloud-based recording platform for music and podcasts that works on all operating systems, enabling people to collaborate and record together wherever they are. With an easy-to-use creation platform, Soundtrap empowers creators to build original content using a combination of software instruments, real instruments and audio recording. For more information, please visit


Available for download HERE.


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