Sleep Number® Announces Latest Advancement in Sleep and Wellness with SleepIQ® Technology Software Update

SleepIQ®, the most advanced sleep tracking technology in the world,
now delivers personalized, daily insights fueled by individual
biometrics to empower health and well-being

Number Corporation
(NASDAQ: SNBR), the leader in sleep innovation
and inventor of the revolutionary 360® smart bed, today announced the
latest update to its SleepIQ® technology platform. SleepIQ, the 360
smart bed’s operating system, detects sleep disturbances, movements, and
biometric changes, and then automatically adjusts the bed’s firmness
throughout the night to deliver proven quality sleep. The new software
update provides detailed, individualized insights based on lifestyle,
sleep habits, and biometric data to help people better understand the
factors that influence their quality sleep.

“As a smart durable with connected technology, we are continually
advancing the 360 smart bed’s overall experience through software
updates,” said Annie Bloomquist, Chief Product Officer, Sleep Number.
“The personalized insights now available through SleepIQ are further
demystifying sleep and empowering our customers with actionable
knowledge to fine-tune their daily habits and improve their overall

SleepIQ technology is one of the largest and most accurate sleep
databases in the world, capturing over 8.5 billion biometric data points
every night. With nothing for sleepers to wear or turn on, it
automatically measures each individual sleeper’s heart rate, breath
rate, restful sleep, restless sleep, and total time in bed. Every
morning, it shows you just how well you’re sleeping – your SleepIQ®
score. With this latest release, Sleep Number is connecting biometric
and sleep data with lifestyle factors to help sleepers adjust their
daily habits, better understand what impacts their SleepIQ score, and
effortlessly achieve life-changing sleep.

“At Sleep Number, our mission is to improve lives by individualizing
sleep experiences. Sleep fuels every aspect of daily life and impacts
mental, physical, and emotional well-being,” says Shelly Ibach,
President and CEO, Sleep Number. “The mattress matters to quality sleep
and our 360 smart beds deliver proven quality sleep. This advancement
moves us closer to a world where our 360 smart beds will help people
better manage their total health and wellness.”

The SleepIQ Experience now includes:

  • Improved reporting to help customers understand their quality of
    sleep, their SleepIQ score
  • A “Wellness Profile” that uses self-reported lifestyle information for
    personalized insights
  • Connectivity to InnerCircleSM, Sleep Number’s award-winning
    loyalty program, which makes it easy for customers to learn about
    sleep health, learn from other Insiders, and earn points towards gifts

SleepIQ technology is at the core of every Sleep Number 360® smart bed.
This advanced SleepIQ technology experience is now available for
download by Sleep Number customers on the Google Play and Apple app

Click here
for an interactive tour of the new SleepIQ experience.

About Sleep Number Corporation
The leader in sleep
innovation, Sleep Number delivers proven, quality sleep through
effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking. Sleep
Number’s revolutionary 360® smart bed and proprietary SleepIQ®
technology platforms are proving the connection between sleep and
well-being. With one of the most comprehensive databases of
biometric consumer sleep data and ranked #1 in J.D. Power’s 2018
Mattress Satisfaction Report*, Sleep Number is improving lives by
individualizing sleep experiences. A commitment to improving the
well-being of over one million youth by 2025 means that Sleep Number is
redefining the future of health and wellness – for everyone. To
experience better quality sleep, visit or one of our
over 585 Sleep Number® stores located in all 50 states. For additional
information, visit our newsroom
and investor

*Sleep Number received the highest score in the J.D. Power 2015, 2016
and 2018 Mattress Satisfaction Reports of customers’ satisfaction with
their mattress. Visit


Sleep Number: Julie Elepano, 414-732-9840,
& Company: Merritt Woodward, 408-369-7200 x2979,

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