Sketchbook Motion doodles, particles and behaviors

By Ko Maruyama

It’s been a while since Autodesk released Sketchbook Motion for the iPad, but it’s still available and a really fun way to doodle and share some moving images with the world.

some doodles

In 2016 it was ahead of Procreate’s animation options, and it is still one of the easiest ways to create particle animations on the iPad. Since then, there haven’t been many updates to the software, but it remains a relevant way to make your little animations come to life, even sending them off to friends as messages.

Now that Instagram has announced that it will allow users to respond to stories with GIFs, isn’t it time you started making some of your own custom content?

Here’s an easy way to do it, on your iPad, download the FREE app from the app store:

Despite several reviews disappointed with the ability to draw animation, this is a fun PARTICLE AND SIMULATION animation software. Unlike any other application that might allow you to draw in frames to create your animation, this application allows you to set up BEHAVIORS to move your illustrations around.

This is no replacement for your favorite cel animation or time-lapse drawing recording software. THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Download it (you don’t need a subscription for simple animations) and try it out for yourself.

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