SingleCare Teams up With Martin Sheen in National TV Advertising Campaign to Show Americans How They Can Save Money on Prescription Drugs

“Presidential” Hollywood Icon Combats the Rising Cost of Drugs by Revealing How Consumers Can Save Up to 80% Using the Free SingleCare Prescription Savings Service

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SingleCare®, the free prescription savings service, today announced it has partnered with legendary actor Martin Sheen, star of acclaimed films and television programs including “Apocalypse Now,” “The Departed,” “The West Wing” and “Grace and Frankie,” on a national television and digital advertising campaign to show Americans how they can save a significant amount of money on their medications by using SingleCare.

In the new campaign debuting in late December, Sheen addresses the high cost of prescription drugs and lack of price transparency that millions of U.S. consumers face every day when filling their prescriptions. Voicing a sentiment close to the hearts of millions of Americans, Sheen protests the unreasonable cost of medications, demanding a better solution. Upon discovering SingleCare, Sheen explains to viewers how they can simply show the SingleCare app to their pharmacists and save up to 80% on their prescriptions, compared to the average cash price of the drugs.

Many Americans are skipping out on taking their prescriptions and putting their health at risk, simply because they can’t afford their medications,” said Martin Sheen. “This is a national crisis that must be addressed. While I am fortunate to have prescription insurance through my union (SAG/AFTRA) to make my prescriptions affordable, there are millions who aren’t so lucky or whose insurance doesn’t cover what they need.”

Sheen continued, “Insured or uninsured, a lot of people have found there are other options out there that promise savings at the pharmacy, and chief among them is SingleCare. I have never advocated or promoted any product that I personally didn’t use, so when I was asked to consider a TV ad campaign for SingleCare I had my work cut out for me. Statistics revealed that in most cases, SingleCare fulfills its claim of substantial price reduction on prescription meds. Consequently, after months of investigation and discernment, I agreed to appear as myself in a series of TV ads promoting SingleCare. This is a cause too important to ignore, and one I will continue to support with SingleCare in their pursuit of lower prescription prices.”

Martin Sheen has a long history of lending his voice to causes he believes in and, like most of us, has been closely following the national dialogue around rising prescription drug costs,” said Gaurav Misra, President and CMO of SingleCare. “Martin knew he wanted to enter the conversation and the SingleCare partnership provided a perfect opportunity for him to make the kind of positive impact he was looking for. Given our mission to improve medication access and affordability for millions of Americans, we knew we needed a credible and trustworthy figure to carry our message into people’s living rooms in our first TV campaign. We believe nobody else could do that better than Martin, who’s perhaps as well known for his social and political activism as for his award-winning acting.”

As the high cost of medications and issues around the fragmented U.S. healthcare landscape have become the most significant national concerns, the campaign explores solutions for consumers so they feel in control and have options. Three separate 30-second spots of the new ad will air on national television and digital formats, with the first video of the campaign here. The ad creative and production was managed by The Boathouse with media planning coordinated through TWO NIL.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) nearly half of Americans use prescription medicines each month and Kaiser Foundation Research reveals that about a quarter of American adults said prescription medications are difficult to afford.

SingleCare provides easy access to prescription savings at pharmacies nationwide through its app and discount cards available on and is driving considerable cost savings for consumers across America. Through direct contracts with the nation’s largest pharmacies, including CVS, Walmart and Walgreens, SingleCare is able to provide consistently low prices on prescription drugs. Most people don’t realize they can shop for better prices on their medications and save a significant amount of money. SingleCare is saving customers up to 80% on their medications compared to the cash price and it’s often cheaper than a copay.

About SingleCare

SingleCare® is a free prescription savings service that provides consistently low prices to improve access and adherence to medication. It handles tens of thousands of prescriptions per day and is helping millions of people across the U.S. save a significant amount of money on their prescriptions. Through a combination of innovative technology and direct contracts with pharmacies, SingleCare allows consumers to access prescription savings at pharmacies near them via the mobile app or discount cards available on SingleCare partners with the country’s leading pharmacy companies including CVS, Walmart and Walgreens, covering 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. SingleCare is a service of RxSense®, a healthcare technology company headquartered in Boston with offices in New York City, greater Philadelphia and West Palm Beach, Fla. For more information, visit or download SingleCare on iOS or Android.


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