Setting New Standards in Sustainability, Sentient Jet Leads Industry With First-to-Market Carbon Footprint and Emissions Offset Tracking Initiative

At no cost to card owners, the industry leader has offset 1,111,745 metric tons of CO2 emissions since the program launched in 2021 with a multi-million dollar investment through its sustainability initiative in partnership with 4AIR

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sentient Jet, leading private aviation company and inventor of the jet card category, has once again proven its strong commitment to sustainability as the first private aviation company to offer a calculated total consumer footprint and offset at no additional cost to card owners. Now with its own innovative tracking software, all Sentient Jet card owners will be able to track their carbon footprint and emission offset records via their post-flight invoices available on Sentient’s Card Owner Site, and coming to Mobile App users next month. This forward-looking sustainability initiative is necessary in furthering the industry as travelers prioritize brands and companies with effective sustainability plans.

Sentient Jet launched its emissions-neutral sustainability initiative in 2021, and to date, has offset a total of 1,111,745 metric tons of CO2 through this multi-million dollar investment. Sentient Jet’s total emission offsets since the program’s inception is equivalent to:

  • 215K+ homes’ electricity use for one year
  • 135B+ smartphones charged
  • 18M+ tree seedlings grown for 10 years (1.8M+ seedlings per year)
  • 125M+ gallons of gasoline consumed

“Travelers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and are seeking transparency and accountability when it comes to how aviation companies are taking steps to reduce their impact,” said Andrew Collins, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Flexjet, Sentient Jet’s parent company. “Through our continued investment in carbon offsetting, our hope is that we build a greater awareness around the aviation industry’s impact on the planet and instill a greater responsibility to take steps to tackle these global and societal issues.”

Through its partnership with environmental leader 4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, Sentient Jet’s carbon offset program goes beyond traditional aviation sustainability programs by carbon offsetting the CO2 equivalent impact of all aviation emissions, including water vapor, contrails, aerosols, and nitrous oxide, which together account for two thirds of the emissions an aircraft produces when flying.

Since the program’s inception, Sentient Jet has contributed funds to wind power projects in the United States and South America, as well as to renewable energy projects in Turkey and India. Further projects include installing efficient cookstoves in Malawi and sequestering CO2 through forestry projects in Massachusetts to protect their combined 6,500-acre watersheds. Sentient Jet has committed to maintaining forest CO2 stocks above regional common practices as part of the Doe Mountain Forestry Project located on over 8,500 acres of forestland in the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee. The project will provide significant climate benefits through increasing local carbon stocks.

“Sentient Jet continues to innovate in this category by providing first of its kind transparency around a customer’s entire footprint,” says Kennedy Ricci, President of 4AIR. “Not only is Sentient helping customers understand their carbon footprint, but they are helping build awareness and address the more comprehensive impact of aviation, including its non-CO2 effects.”

By investing in sustainability and technology, Sentient Jet aims to improve the overall Sentient Jet experience for Card Owners and create a positive impact. Sentient Jet will continue to set new industry standards in digital innovation, and offer its card owners a more thoughtful way to fly.

About Sentient Jet

Founded in 1999 with the invention of the Jet Card, and now a Flexjet company, Sentient Jet is one of the most innovative private aviation companies across the globe. The Sentient Jet Card offers clients the flexibility and convenience of flying private for their personal and business air travel needs along with a host of unique digital booking tools, including an industry-first with instant, automated text-based booking, a unique sustainability program, and an outstanding service heritage. Sentient Jet is known for its commitment to safety and is guided by an Independent Safety Advisory Board with former FAA and NTSB officials. Sentient Jet’s extensive network of certified operators ensures that clients will always have access to executive aircraft that meet their rigorous standards for safety and quality. Visit for more information. You can also follow Sentient Jet on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Download the Sentient Jet Mobile App: iOS | Android.


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