Self-hypnosis App, Reveri, Launches Quit Vaping Content to Combat the Growing Global Vaping Crisis

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reveri, the clinically-backed self-hypnosis app, today launches its new Quit Vaping content to help people effectively curb vaping habits and nicotine addiction. Reveri, co-founded by world-leading Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel––who has treated over 7,000 patients during his career through hypnosis––leads users through an interactive, guided self-hypnosis session aimed at tackling one of the biggest health epidemics of our time, with 55 million e-cigarette users worldwide.

Dr. David Spiegel is one of the most revered experts in the field of hypnosis. He aims to break the stigma around hypnosis and introduce its clinically-backed power to the masses, bringing his 45+ years of experience to the app.

The new vaping session adds to an existing suite of content dedicated to help manage addiction, from quitting cigarette smoking to reducing alcohol consumption. In fact, Reveri’s Quit Smoking content is the second most popular goal selected by members. Following user demand––where more than one in five members (22%) reported they used Quit Smoking for quitting vaping––the company took immediate action to create tailored vaping content to meet the needs of its users. Moreover, 71% of members said that the sessions had a medium to extremely positive impact on their behaviors, habits, and attitudes around smoking*.

“The physiological impacts that vaping can have on the heart, lungs and specifically on the brain, can be irreversible. This is especially worrisome when considering the rising popularity of vaping among the younger generation, whose prefrontal cortices are still growing and susceptible to nicotine, a neurotransmitter, during this sensitive stage,” said Dr. Spiegel, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Reveri. “Vaping is vapid. While the long term effects are still being researched, it is increasingly clear that many people both vape and smoke, and that vaping is recruiting a new generation to nicotine addiction. The time is now to actively put a stop to this growing epidemic. At Reveri, we’ve seen how effective our addiction and habit-breaking content is, which places us in a unique position to help society in this time of need, altering the way people view a habit or addiction.”

Hypnosis is the oldest form of Western psychotherapy and a powerful evidence-based treatment for numerous disorders. Reveri enhances the mind-body connection through guided self-hypnosis to provide users with immediate, impactful relief for goal-based pathways such as pain management, stress relief, and improving sleep. Over 90% of members who practiced an interactive Pain Management and Reduce Stress session reported an immediate improvement.

Reveri’s vision is to mirror the effectiveness of an in-person hypnosis session, in a more accessible and affordable way that users can leverage at any time, from the convenience of their mobile device.

Reveri offers discounts and scholarships for its yearly membership through the Reveri for Good program for people who want to use self-hypnosis to achieve their goals, but do not have the financial means to pay full price for a subscription.

To learn more about how to change your mind through the power of hypnosis, visit or download the latest version of the app via the App Store or Google Play, for your seven day free trial.

*Reveri conducted a survey with its members and non-members who had completed the Quit Smoking sessions, with a total of 58 responses.

About Reveri

Reveri is the clinically-backed self-hypnosis app created by world-renowned Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel and technology investor Ariel Poler, with a wider team bringing experience to the platform from global brands like Apple, Uber, Bumble and Headspace. By enhancing the mind-body connection through self-hypnosis, Reveri provides users with immediate, impactful relief for a variety of physical or mental health issues. Backed by InReach Ventures, Background Capital, 444 Capital, and angel investors including Andrew Huberman, Reveri offers personalized, guided sessions with the vision to mirror the in-person experience. The app is available to download for both iOS and Android with a seven day free trial. Reveri offers discounts and scholarships for its yearly membership through the Reveri for Good program for people who want to use self-hypnosis to achieve their goals that do not have the financial means to pay full price for a subscription. For more information, visit


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