Section4 Rebrands to Section as It Passes the 20,000-student Milestone

The edtech platform also unveiled a new brand identity focused on business education you can actually use

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Section4, the business education platform founded by NYU Stern professor and serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway, has rebranded to Section and revealed a new brand identity that reinforces its core mission of business education you can actually use.

“Most current options for business education are so expensive you can’t access them, or so boring you won’t sit through them,” said Greg Shove, CEO of Section. “We are the business school for the next decade – more honest, refreshing, invigorating, and accessible than anything on the market – and we wanted a brand that felt as different as we are.”

Section grew its student body to 20,000 students earlier this year, making it the largest live learning platform in online education. Shove said the new name and brand identity, developed in partnership with DesignStudio, will help the company differentiate and scale as it moves toward its five-year goal of 100,000 students.

According to Shove, the new brand identity reflects the real, “backstage” world of business – not the gloss you see on social media or most company websites.

“Business is a messy process, and to learn how to do it, you need a backstage pass to how other leaders have made critical decisions,” said Shove. “Our brand is all about stripping back the jargon and giving you real-world lessons you can use tomorrow.”

The company also decided to drop the “4” and simplify to Section, a name that nods to the tight-knit cohorts students are placed in at top business schools.

“The original intent of the ‘4’ was to equip leaders to take on the ‘big four’ companies in business: Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Google,” said Shove. “But there aren’t just four mega-threats anymore. Competition is coming from all sides, and we needed a simpler, more memorable name that nods to our origins while helping us scale.”

From the beginning, Galloway and Shove believed that edtech could do better than the boring video libraries that typified the enterprise learning industry, and aspired to NPS scores that rival companies like Apple, Tesla, and Disney.

“Our benchmark for courses is 70 NPS,” said Shove. “If a course falls significantly below 70 NPS, we retire it – it’s that simple. There’s no room in our course catalog for mediocre content.”

Over the next 12 months, Section will expand its curriculum to add more courses in data-driven problem solving, digital transformation, and inclusive leadership – some of the most requested topics among students and enterprise partners.

To celebrate the launch of the new brand style, Section will be chalking up several well-known locations in New York City, reminding people that many top business leaders don’t have MBA degrees and that a more affordable, accessible option exists. The chalk art can be viewed on Section’s LinkedIn channel.

The company’s URL will change from to effective immediately.

About Section

Section offers strategic leadership training in a fast, live, cohort-based format. The company teaches the essential leadership skills for the digital age, from data fluency and financial acumen to product positioning and problem solving. Section has more than 20,000 students across 97 countries and partners with 200+ enterprise clients to train their future leaders. Founded in 2019 by NYU Professor and serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway and led by serial entrepreneur Greg Shove, Section is backed by General Catalyst, Learn Capital, GSV Ventures, Activant, and other individual investors, including Jeff Bewkes and Tim Armstrong. Learn more at


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