Sasquatch, Martians, a unicorn and the Tooth Fairy: A clever new Veloz EV campaign taps comedy director Eric André and mythical characters to bust EV myths

A Veloz coalition of public and corporate leaders, NGOs and environmental justice partners launch an education campaign to bust common “mythical” barriers to EV adoption

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DontBelieveTheMyths–Sasquatch, Martians, a unicorn and the tooth fairy all climb into an EV. No, it’s not a joke. These are stars of Veloz’s latest and timely Electric For All education campaign, “Myths Busting Myths,” which uses humor and our favorite mythical characters to debunk the fairytales and disinformation that are holding people back from choosing to go electric — whether that’s to own, rent or rideshare an EV.

“There is no better time for us to bust EV myths,” said Josh D. Boone, executive director of Veloz. “More people than ever before are choosing to go electric and unprecedented industry and public investments will make EVs more accessible for all. A lot of consumers are EV-curious, but a knowledge gap has led to myths that cause them to hesitate. This campaign will bust those EV myths for good.”

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The new educational ad campaign, powered by Veloz, will build consumer interest in EVs and is perfectly positioned to capitalize on increased market momentum. This momentum is driven by record EV sales, polling that shows a majority of Americans are interested in buying EVs, the adoption of new EV sales targets by the state of California, a record state budget investment in EV infrastructure and incentive programs, and record infrastructure investment and incentives at the federal level. The bottom line: a pivotal tipping point on the road to mass EV adoption has been reached.

“The industrywide EV lineup is growing more and more diverse each year,” said David Hochschild, chair of the California Energy Commission and Veloz public policy board member. “There is major pent-up demand from consumers in the market for a new car. This campaign is designed to inspire the next wave of confident, informed buyers that are ready to make the move to an EV that fits their unique lifestyle. Dealers and automakers, be ready!”

To inspire confident consumers, the campaign lifts the veil on perceived barriers and overcomes disinformation in a way that’s fun, engaging and entertaining — these are not your grandmother’s EV ads. Featuring live-action, practical and visual effects that bring well-known myths to life, the hilariously clever video spots were directed by Eric André — stand-up comedian, actor, producer, television host and writer most known for his Netflix movie “Bad Trip” and his comedy series “The Eric André Show.”

Here’s how the campaign’s mythical creatures are busting common EV myths:

  • A technologically inclined Sasquatch shows how easy it is to plug in and charge while out and about. With EVs now going 200+ miles between charges, you don’t need to plug in that often. And, when you do, chargers are increasingly common, with almost 80,000 public charging stations available across the state of California and over 140,000 nationwide, with more on the way. (Click here for the 30-second spot)
  • A modern family of Martians shows us that home charging is as easy as plugging in your cell phone. And, charging at home with new vehicle-to-home technology will soon be able to provide you with a backup supply of energy that you can tap into when the electricity goes out. (Click here for the 15-second spot)
  • A dexterous unicorn shows that anyone can refuel a hydrogen fuel cell EV. As soon as you get behind the wheel of your first fuel cell, you’ll be thrilled at how easy and intuitive it is – just like your gas-powered car, except simpler, quieter and better for your neighborhood. (Click here for the 15-second spot)
  • A financially savvy tooth fairy finds that EVs are less expensive than you think and are available at a range of prices in the new and used car markets. Plus, they are significantly cheaper to own and operate than gas-powered vehicles. (Click here for the 30-second spot)

“Automaker ads are doing a great job showing us how cool and fun their EVs are to drive, and we aim to complement their efforts,” said Caroline Choi, senior vice president of corporate affairs at Edison International and Southern California Edison and Veloz board of directors chair. “We are changing the game when it comes to helping consumers consider an EV in the first place by overcoming these myths through education.”

The campaign will feature English and Spanish language ads across multiple digital platforms for 15 months, reaching diverse communities of all income levels who haven’t always been prioritized by EV marketing efforts, especially those in low-income communities and communities of color. These groups are hit hardest by high gas prices, air pollution and climate impacts due to generations of systemic marginalization. That is why the campaign is committed to a message, messengers and media that reach the diverse California audience. A minimum of 50% of the advertising budget is committed to priority communities and is engaging trusted community and media partners. Visit our website to learn about the groups supporting Veloz’s campaign work.

“Veloz is putting its money where its mouth is in an effort to make ‘Electric For All’ a reality,” said Dianne Martinez, chair of the East Bay Community Energy and member of the Veloz public policy board. “This investment in priority communities ensures that EV information reaches everyone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to breathe cleaner air and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.”

The $4.25 million campaign will be promoted with paid digital advertising and organic social media outreach across California. The ads will drive consumers to the Electric For All website that provides the most comprehensive EV consumer resource available, with up-to-date makes and models and multiple shopping tools — including search by ZIP code tools that identify car incentives and home charger incentives via the Home Charging Advisor. The website also builds on the purpose of the ads by further addressing the myths facing consumers.

“The campaign doesn’t just bust myths, it also helps consumers access helpful resources once they’re in the market for an EV,” said Boone. “We offer practical tools that take the consumer from EV-curious to EV-I-want-one-right-now-please. And, like the ads show, it really is that easy.”

Alongside the Electric For All campaign, national nonprofits Veloz and Generation180 are partnering to dramatically increase EV purchase intent with the new National Going Electric Pledge. The collaborative effort encourages individuals across the country to commit to making their next car electric by raising awareness and accelerating Americans’ broad support for EVs. Click here to access the national pledge.

Through public-private collaboration, public engagement and innovative awareness campaigns like “Myth Busting Myths,” Veloz’s high-powered, diverse and well-connected membership inspires, educates and empowers people to choose an EV for their next car purchase, rental or rideshare. Veloz members come from key EV sectors and Fortune 500 companies, public agencies and nonprofits, that are uniquely able to accelerate the shift to electric cars.

Visit our website to learn about our campaign funding, sponsors and in-kind partners.

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Veloz, a nonprofit organization made up of a high-powered, diverse board and members from the public and private sectors, is the power behind Electric For All. From Opposites Attract, to Kicking Gas with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric with Mark Ruffalo and Chloe Bennet, and now the Myths Busting Myths campaign with Eric André, the “Electric For All” campaign is the nation’s largest, long-lasting, multi-sectoral and brand-inclusive public awareness campaign that empowers people to choose an EV for their next car purchase, rental or rideshare.


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