Sanwa Food Group Strengthens Wholesale Distribution Business Using Pepper’s Platform

Golbon member, Sanwa Food Group, has partnered with Pepper to bring its Sanwa Fresh customers the best e-commerce experience on the market.

TAMPA, Fla. & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Sanwa Food Group announced it has launched a new digital ordering platform for Sanwa Fresh, the foodservice distribution portion of its business. Sanwa Fresh customers will now have the capability to place orders on any device with the help of a new e-commerce platform, powered by Pepper. Pepper is the creator of a leading e-commerce platform built for food distributors that is easy and intuitive for their customers to use.

Historically, Sanwa Food Group’s retail portion of their business, Sanwa Farmer’s Market, has been the champion of customer experience within their company. Their consumer-focused and low cost offerings include a club-style warehouse without any of the typical membership fees, and a wide selection of multicultural food products at different packaging stages. The company is now making the same effort on the foodservice side of their business bringing Fresh customers best-in-class service on Pepper’s platform.

“Giving customers the best buying experience on both sides of the house is of utmost importance to us at Sanwa,” said Wes Pinkerton, CEO of Sanwa. “Getting creative on how to do that for two completely different channels has been our company’s priority.”

Sanwa Fresh offers “farm to fresh” produce and ethnic food with service to restaurants, grocery markets, theme parks, corporate organizations, and produce stands. They deliver to customers spanning 150+ miles from each of their three distribution centers across the Florida and Georgia markets. The platform has already helped streamline and reform its Fresh business by significantly increasing sales, reducing errors, and saving time on back-office tasks. In parallel, the platform has been well received by multiple Sanwa Fresh customers. Sanwa’s goal for their recent tech investment is to improve the lives of each and every one of their customers.

“I want to personally thank the developers at Pepper!” said Austin Lash, Pokeworks International. “The app they’ve created for Sanwa and us customers is incredible! My life has drastically improved through the time and energy saved by placing orders through the app. Thank you team at Pepper and thank you Sanwa for always taking care of us customers.”

Pepper’s mission is to modernize the food supply chain with its full service online ordering catalog and payment system that helps food distributors reach their full potential by growing sales, saving time, and lowering expenses. Pepper generates transformational results for its partners and their customers. On average, clients see an average of 20% in sales growth, 77% reduction in order entry time post-adoption, and 92% buyer satisfaction.

“This is why we do what we do,” said Erin Graham, VP of Operations & Strategy at Pepper. “Receiving customer feedback about increasing someone’s quality of life is unmatched. We are grateful for our partnership with Sanwa that allows us the opportunity to positively impact customers.”

Today, the Sanwa mobile app, powered by Pepper, can be found in both the Apple and Google Play Stores and through a new online ordering website. Customers log in to quickly compose an order from their order guide, or browse the catalog to discover new items and the latest promotions. The app and website empower distributors and their customers with a seamless ordering experience and fast, secure digital payments — all backed by Pepper’s centralized customer service.

About Sanwa

Sanwa Food Group is a produce-heavy foodservice distributor and club-style warehouse retailer serving the Florida and Georgia markets from three different locations. In Sanwa’s 40 years, the company has received multiple awards and recognition for their commitment to customer experience, product diversity, and sustainability. For more information, visit

About Pepper

Pepper is a leading e-commerce platform provider built for food distributors that is easy and intuitive for their customers to use. Today, clients across the US and Canada partner with Pepper to power their e-commerce experience for thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. For more information, visit


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Contact Person: Stanley Leung, Vice President, Orlando Operations

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Contact Person: Erin Graham, VP of Operations & Strategy

Phone number: (716) 560-2985

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