RSAC 2024: Genians NAC-Driven ZTNA Leads Zero Trust Security Journeys

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Authentification–Genians, a pioneer in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) powered by industry-leading Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, will showcase its latest advancements at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, May 6-9 (Booth #342, South Expo).

Since 2005, Genians has secured campus networks of all sizes across diverse industries. Recognizing the growing need for secure remote access and cloud security, Genians expanded its offerings to include ZTNA solutions. This includes the strategic acquisition of FutureTek ICT, a VPN specialist, further solidifying its position in providing seamless and secure access from any location – campus, remote, cloud, or hybrid – while integrating seamlessly with existing security infrastructure.

At RSAC 2024, Genians will present live demos covering the following topics:

  • Unparalleled Network Visibility: Gain real-time insights with Genians’ Layer 2-based Network Sensing and Device Platform Intelligence for unmatched network observability.
  • Strengthened Remote Access Management: Move beyond traditional VPNs with granular access control for modern workforces.
  • Dynamic Policy Enforcement: Orchestrate policy enforcement across various security protocols like ARP Security, 802.1x, RADIUS, SNMP, TCP, and more, along with Secure Web Gateways (SWG) and endpoint agents.
  • Flexible Authentication: Explore Genians’ support for diverse authentication methods, including Active Directory (AD), SAML2.0, MFA, Google G-Suite, and FIDO2, for a user-friendly and secure login experience.
  • Consolidated Security Control: Gain comprehensive access control over IP/MAC addresses, switch ports, and WLAN security with a centralized management platform.
  • Simplified BYOD & Guest Access: Streamline onboarding and access control for BYOD devices and guest users, ensuring secure connectivity in the age of IoT.
  • Cloud Control with Confidence: Maintain comprehensive visibility and granular access control for cloud applications.
  • Actionable Compliance: Ensure core requirements of NIST 800-171, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA with automation and streamlined reporting.

“We’re experiencing a surge in new clients across all company sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises. Existing customers are scaling up their deployments by managing an increasing number of devices. On-premises clients are smoothly transitioning to the cloud, leveraging Genians’ solutions for both IT and OT environments. Our seamless support, delivered in collaboration with our exceptional regional partners, garners high praise. This underscores our technical strength and unwavering commitment to service excellence,” says Kyeyeon Kim, Co-founder/CTO of Genians.

Over 3,000 customers trust Genians to secure their network access. Experience the difference for yourself! Visit us at RSAC 2024, South Expo #342, or get started with a free trial today.

About Genians

Genians (KOSDAQ: 263860), the industry pioneer in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), provides a fundamental cybersecurity platform for building a trusted path to secure access for any connecting devices by leveraging its Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), Network Access Control (NAC), and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Since 2005, the company has served more than 3,000 customers, in organizations of all sizes and industries, including global Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military, critical infrastructure, finance, healthcare, education, and more. Genians is working to build a better security culture in the connected world by teaming up with global communities and industry leaders around the world.


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