RØDE NT1 Microphone Updates Venerable with New Digital Features for Recording, Streaming & Podcasting; YouTube Hands On Review, More Info at B&H

RØDE offers a 5th Gen update to the iconic NT1 microphone with integrated DSP, preamp, and interface technology.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Apple–B&H is pleased to announce the RØDE NT1 5th Generation with new upgraded features. Available in black or silver finishes, this next-generation NT1 microphone combines all the celebrated performance of the classic with new USB functionality for a versatile, dual analog/digital workhorse that will make it a go-to mic in any home studio, podcasting setup, or pro-streaming system.

RODE NT1 5th Generation Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser XLR/USB Microphone


NT1 Black Finish Microphone:


Key Features

  • NT1 Mic designed for Recording, Streaming & Podcasting
  • Cardioid Pattern Reduces Ambient Noise
  • Analog XLR & Digital USB-C Connectors
  • 192 kHz / 32-Bit Float A to D Converter
  • Large 1″ Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm
  • Revolution Preamp, DSP Processing
  • Software for Multiple USB Mics at Once
  • Includes Pop Filter and Shockmount
  • Operates on Phantom or USB Bus Power

Featuring an analog XLR connector and a digital USB-C connector, the RØDE NT1 5th Generation represents another major leap forward for this highly regarded microphone. The dual-connection options offer a new level of flexibility, allowing users without an audio interface to plug directly into the computer for recording, podcasting, and streaming duties, courtesy of the onboard 32-bit floating point A-to-D converter. Of course, if you have an audio interface, podcasting station, or favorite microphone preamp, no problem—just connect the mic’s XLR output to your analog equipment and you’re good to go.

Behind the protective mesh grille lies RØDE’s gold-sputtered HF6 capsule, a 1″ cardioid condenser capsule that delivers detailed midrange response with smooth highs and warm bass. The classic cardioid polar pattern ensures that audio capture is focused on your voice during your streams, rejecting unwanted room noises to the rear and sides, such as keyboard tapping or computer fans. The transducer itself is suspended and internally shock-mounted via Rycote’s industry-leading Lyre system, minimizing external vibrations at the capsule level. The capsule is then married to the ultra-low noise electronics, resulting in an incredibly quiet microphone with only 4 dBA of self-noise.

This new version of the mic also features powerful internal DSP, which allows users to apply advanced APHEX audio processing via RØDE’s free podcasting and streaming software, RØDE Connect. This includes a high-pass filter for cutting out low-end rumble, a noise gate for eliminating background noise, a compressor for delivering punchy and balanced sound, and the legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects for rich, broadcast voice tone.

To ensure you get outstanding audio quality from the USB connection, RØDE has equipped the NT1 5th Generation with the Revolution preamp, which provides plenty of ultra-low-noise gain to feed the A/D converter. Combined with the high sensitivity, high SPL handling, and massive headroom of the 32-bit floating point converters in this microphone, you can get animated, loud, and rowdy during your streams, podcasts, or content creation sessions without worrying about digital clipping, distortion, or noise.

Of course, RØDE doesn’t stop there, and offers a plethora of accessories to let you tackle any task right out of the box. The NT1 5th Generation is supplied with the SM6 external suspension shockmount, which isolates the microphone from any physical factors that may cause unwanted rumbling or vibration. The included removable pop shield protects your capture from pesky plosives and sports two axes of adjustment, as well as a telescopic arm for great versatility. Finally, the mic comes with a balanced XLR microphone cable and a USB-C cable for connecting to your preferred destination, be it analog or digital.

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