Robocast Defeats Netflix’s Attempt to Invalidate Robocast Patent Covering its Playlist Technology

PTAB rejects Netflix’s attempt to invalidate Robocast’s ‘451 Patent, which covers automated browsing of media content

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robocast, a leading innovator in playlist technology, announced today that it has successfully defended its U.S. Patent No. 7,155,451 B1 (the “‘451 Patent”) against an inter partes review (IPR) challenge filed by Netflix before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The PTAB issued a decision on May 11, 2023, denying institution of inter partes review of key claims of the ‘451 Patent, which covers a method and system for automated browsing of media content. The PTAB found that Netflix failed to demonstrate that it was reasonably likely to prevail in proving that any of the challenged claims were unpatentable over the prior art relied on by Netflix. The decision strengthens Robocast’s patent position in the playlist technology space.

Some of the key facts and benefits of the PTAB’s decision are:

  • The PTAB declined to institute inter partes review of any of the claims of the ‘451 Patent challenged in the petition.
  • The PTAB found that Netflix “is not reasonably likely to prevail in showing that” any of the challenged claims is anticipated by or would have been obvious over any of the prior art raised by Netflix.
  • The PTAB’s decision is not appealable.

We are very pleased with the PTAB’s decision, which further validates Robocast’s pioneering inventions and confirms its strong patent position in the playlist technology space,” said Steven J. Rizzi, Esq. who led the team from McKool Smith in the IPR proceedings. “This is a significant victory for Robocast, as they continue to pursue their infringement claims against Netflix and YouTube in federal court.” McKool Smith was recognized by IAM as having the highest win rate for patent owners before the PTAB in 2022.

Robocast is represented by McKool Smith and Cantor Colburn in the IPR proceedings and the related district court litigation. Robocast has asserted the ‘451 Patent and two other patents from the same family against Netflix and Google/YouTube in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware after having previously successfully asserted the ‘451 Patent against Microsoft and Apple.

About Robocast

Robocast develops and licenses playlist technology for online media consumption. Robocast’s patented technology allows users to create, share, and enjoy personalized playlists of web content with minimal user input. Robocast’s vision is to revolutionize the way people browse and discover online media.

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