Revel Systems Launches Revel Integrated to Strengthen Partner Ecosystem

Initiative Designed to Bolster Third-Party Partner Onboarding Technology and Impart Long-Term Value to Partners and Customers

ATLANTA & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Revel Systems, a leading provider of a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, today launched Revel Integrated, a new initiative designed to transform the company’s integrated partner network. Revel Integrated offers a set of advanced developer tools and go-to-market infrastructure for partners integrating to the Revel Essentials™ and Revel Enterprise™ POS solutions.

Revel Integrated is part of Revel’s enhanced commitment to focus on strategic partnerships and deepen support for clients. While Revel builds capabilities for all key POS functionality, Revel Integrated allows end user customers to take advantage of best of breed solutions and proficiencies tailored to the needs of their brand.

The announcement underscores Revel’s commitment to help third-party solution partners easily integrate with its POS. Through Revel Integrated, partners will have access to a new developer portal that will make it fast and efficient to build integrations on the Revel platform. The portal will provide detailed API documentation and support tools, as well as dedicated API self-service support. The enhanced onboarding experience also includes marketing and sales support to better market key integrated solutions to Revel’s rapidly growing customer base of more than 20,000 locations.

“Both Revel Essentials and Revel Enterprise provide a comprehensive set of functionality that can help restaurants and retailers thrive in today’s digital world. However, in today’s constantly evolving technology landscape, a POS platform must be able to incorporate a vast array of third-party technologies to meet diverse client requirements,” said Chris Lybeer, chief strategy and marketing officer at Revel Systems. “Our new Revel Integrated program makes it easier than ever for partners to build integrations with our POS, while providing the marketing and sales support essential to drive strong adoption.”

The strategic partner integrations made possible by Revel Integrated gives Revel clients the option to leverage new, innovative technologies by third parties such as customer loyalty, online ordering and delivery management. Current partners of Revel Integrated include Chowly (online ordering), Como (customer engagement), and Plastic Printers (gift cards), with many more in the active boarding process.

About Revel Systems

Revel Systems powers the ambitions of restaurants and retailers with a robust cloud-based point of sale (POS) and business management system. The Revel Essentials™ solution, which has been deployed at thousands of customer locations, is designed for the needs of small chains or single sites. The Revel Enterprise™ solution is tailored for large chains and leads the industry with a broad footprint of national, big brand customer implementations. Improving day-to-day operations and fueling merchant growth, Revel’s streamlined ecosystem helps customers seize their future by pairing an intuitive POS with powerful management tools on a single platform. Founded in 2010 with major offices in Atlanta, Lithuania, and San Francisco, Revel is a leading member of the Apple Enterprise Mobility Program. For more information, please visit or call (415) 744-1433.


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