Retailers Use Bluecore to Future-Proof Their First-Party Data; Remain Unaffected By the Industry’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention Measures

Retail Marketing Company’s Purpose-Built Solution Addresses Modern
Policies and Forthcoming Changes Within The Industry for More Than 400

the retail marketing technology company that more than 400 of the
fastest-growing retailers rely on to launch highly personalized
campaigns at scale, today announced that retailers using its platform
remain unaffected by Apple Safari’s new Intelligent Tracking Prevention
(ITP) measures. Bluecore’s solution prepares retailers to uphold the
quality of their data in the long-term and thrive, uninterrupted by
changes in the industry, with the same ability to identify, scale,
garner insights, and generate individualized product, offer, and content
recommendations across touchpoints.

Apple and Safari’s ITP requires all first-party and third-party cookies
to expire every seven days. The intent of ITP is to eliminate cross-site
tracking, which Bluecore has never done, but is common among retailers
that rely on technology built on third-party networks or use third-party
data. Bluecore’s patented javascript integration operates within retail
customers’ first-party domain and Bluecore identities are not shared
across websites. Therefore ITP does not limit Bluecore’s retail
customers, who can take advantage of predictive audience capabilities
without the use of third-party cookies.

To prevent any impact to the richness of customer data available for
predictive audiences, audience building, and product recommendations,
Bluecore continues to support and grow pioneering solutions, built for
the future of retail in mind. Bluecore’s solution keeps the data
collected against the cookie so that both are preserved even once the
cookie expires after seven days, to avoid any blindspots.

Bluecore was purpose-built with modern consumer policy and the future
of privacy in mind, which has allowed us to offer our retailers maximum
flexibility, while allowing them to stay ahead of the curve,” said
Mahmoud Arram, CTO of Bluecore. “Apple and Safari’s introduction of ITP
has given us the opportunity to innovate even further and provide our
retailers with peace of mind — now and in the future — that their
audience insights and marketing campaigns will remain at the highest
Bluecore quality.”

About Bluecore

is a retail marketing technology company that is reimagining the way
retailers communicate with shoppers. The 2019 launch of Bluecore
Communicate™ introduces retailers to a fundamentally different email
solution that replaces manual processes with an intelligent, AI-driven
workflow and the industry’s first fully performance-based pricing model.
Retailers can now manage ESP, triggers and personalized batch from a
single interface, enabling them to personalize 100% of their email
campaigns for the first time ever. Bluecore Communicate™ doubles email
revenue while reducing production time for more than 400 retailers
including: Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis and Teleflora. To learn
more visit


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