Rentex Grows Its Analog Way Inventory with Additional Aquilon RS2 and RS4 Systems

Rentex, one of the largest wholesale providers of AV rental equipment in the US, continues to expand its inventory of Analog Way equipment by investing in Aquilon RS2 and RS4 4K/8K multi-screen presentation systems and videowall processors, which come with the new LINK feature enabling users to link up to four chassis together to give powerful systems even more capabilities.

Rentex was founded in 1980 and is a longtime leader in the cross-rental market supplying AV gear to the nation’s largest AV rental, staging, production and other live event companies.  It is headquartered in Boston with 11 other locations in the US.  The Rentex inventory is national and is dispatched wherever it is needed.

“Rentex has been a key rental partner with Analog Way for over a decade, and we are honored to continue to supply Rentex with the industry’s most cutting-edge live event processors,” says Seth Teates, Analog Way’s Senior Regional Sales Manager.  “With their investment in a substantial inventory of Aquilon, Zenith 200 and Pulse 4K systems, Rentex can assure customers that they will have the most powerful processing systems available on the planet.  Linking up to four Aquilon chassis with the new LINK feature allows for unheard of system sizes for even the most demanding world-class events.”

Rentex acquired its first RS4 systems in late 2019 and since then has seen demand increase for the platform.  “Our user base is producing live and corporate events with general sessions and keynotes that require very large pixel canvases and varied types of displays, including projector blends and large direct-view LED videowalls,” explains Greg Parker, Senior Products Manager/Video Presentation and Display at Rentex.  “As event size grows and pixel spaces increase we’ve seen a stepped up demand for the Aquilons’ capabilities and needed to invest in more RS4s and some new RS2s.”

The Aquilon platform consists of extremely powerful video processors, which are intuitive to use, with a short learning curve when moving from similar systems.  In addition, Parker notes that, “the Aquilon line excels at being flexible and flexibility is important to our customers.  The LINK feature expands this flexibility, adding scalability and enabling customers to gain additional inputs and outputs across multiple chassis.”

Rentex also acquired more Analog Way RC400T event controllers with small footprints and rugged housings, and additional modular I/O Cards.  “We rent them as stand alone items and with our Aquilon systems,” says Parker. “Keeping a generous stock of controllers and option cards allows us to service our own fleet as well as cover spot demand for our clients who also own the Aquilon platform and need to expand their capability.”

Rentex’s RS4 and RS2 systems are housed in custom cases that are ready for the road.  “The RS4 is housed in a rolling rack case with pull-over lid so the internal mobile rack can lift out and be placed on a tabletop,” points out Parker.  “For the RS2, we used a lightweight rack so it stays under a 200 lb. limit and can move same day using commercial air freight. We can cover our 12 locations nationwide without breaking the bank on overnight freight charges.  It reduces the logistics costs for everybody.”

According to Parker, “Analog Way has always been ready and willing to make sure we are trained on the products and can ensure they are ready to meet our client’s needs. Our Analog Way products have been consistently rugged, and we do not experience many service issues as we send them nationally by road and air.”

“We’re grateful for Rentex’s long partnership with us and their investment through our entire product range,” says Seth Teates.  “Regardless of your event, Rentex has an Analog Way processor that is perfectly sized for your requirements.  With quantities of the RS2 and RS4, the new Zenith 200, as well as Pulse 4K processors, whether you need a single program 4K output or up to 64+ 4K outputs, Rentex is now your one-stop shop.  The best part is, once you intuitively use one Analog Way system, you already know how to use them all as they share the Web RCS control GUI.”

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