Relevance Of AR & VR In Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two innovations taking over the digital market. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a great evolution in marketing. Due to the lockdown during the heat of the pandemic and post-pandemic social distancing, the need to carry out digital marketing without much need for physical presence arose. Hence, the development and introduction of AR and VR into the digital marketing system.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology innovation that allows users to experience a computer-enhanced reality of the physical world using digital sensory modalities such as auditory, visual, olfactory, haptic, and somatosensory elements a more enhanced interaction between users and the real world in real-time. AR allows users to gain control of their presence, giving them the exact feeling of the physical world.

Virtual Reality, unlike Augmented Reality, is more like a world of fantasy. It is built based on fiction, and the computer controls the user’s presence. Virtual Reality can be seen in most online games where a fiction-based environment is created, and people are sent on missions to gain rewards.

AR and VR are the new marketing trend in vogue, and with the evolution of things, there is a high possibility of them displacing humans. They both use avatars for interaction. While VR uses fictional characters, AR uses real human characters and is mostly displayed in 3-D. As the days go by, artificial intelligent avatars are being developed or created to enhance user experience.

5 Importance Of AR And VR In Marketing

1.       Gives Life To Your Brand

AR and VR bridge the communication gap in digital marketing, allowing your customers to feel a close interaction with the brand. It makes your brand lively and gives the customers a sense of reality.

2.       Enhances Efficiency In A Business-customer Relationship

AR and VR cover human inefficiency in engaging customers as it allows brands to have a 24/7 online presence. It helps enhance the customer experience as it provides immediate attention to customers, allowing the brand to attend to multiple customers simultaneously, thus increasing sales.

3.       Increases And Sustains Customer’s Interest In The Brand

The attention and efficient engagement brands provide users using AR and VR piques customers’ interest and gives them a sense of value.  Since it is a recent Innovation that is creative and saves time, customers will naturally want to know what it feels like using it, thus increasing customer patronage and loyalty.

4.       Flexibility In Marketing

It solves the problem of reduced human resources during a crisis. It allows brands to reach their customers at any point in time in any given circumstance. Nobody prays for another pandemic, but since quarantine and social distancing have come to stay, it helps brands abide by the health regulation. And it provides brands with a human alternative in case of future crises.

5.       Increases Your Company’s Recognition

Being a recent Innovation, inculcating it into your marketing system will draw people’s attention to your brand, increasing your brand visibility and recognition.

As a brand, looking out for trends and imbibing it into your business helps you stay in vogue. AR and VR are innovations that will take over the digital market in the nearest future. It is advisable to imbibe it into your marketing system early enough to greatly improve your brand visibility and increase sales.

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