RAZ Mobility Launches Major Update of Its Memory Cell Phone for Seniors and Individuals With Dementia

CABIN JOHN, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#a11y–RAZ Mobility (www.razmobility.com), a provider of mobile assistive technology, released new features to the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, including Remote Manage, a feature that allows caregivers to manage remotely all aspects of the cell phone.

Since introducing the picture-based RAZ Memory Cell Phone in 2020, the phone has played a critical role in helping individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and seniors who require a simple experience, stay connected with family and friends.

RAZ Care App

The new RAZ Care app, available for both iOS and Android, allows caregivers to manage all aspects of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone from afar on their own mobile device. The Remote Manage feature, with the convenience of the RAZ Care mobile app, emulates the mobile device management model available to enterprises and makes it available to the millions of caregivers who can now easily manage the settings and unique capabilities of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, even when they are not with their loved one in person.

New Capabilities

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone includes important new capabilities:

  • Caregivers can send their loved one Reminders that will appear as “sticky notes” on the phone’s display. The reminder can also be sent as an audio message in the caregiver’s voice.
  • If the senior tends to call during the night because they confuse night with day, the caregiver can set up Quiet Hours, during which the senior cannot place calls. When a call is placed during Quiet Hours, the senior can hear a reassuring message in the caregiver’s voice.
  • Caregivers can receive a text message notification when the battery of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone goes below a specified threshold. The caregiver can then remind their loved one to charge their phone.
  • The RAZ Memory Cell Phone can be set to automatically answer calls, with the call on speaker. This helps seniors who have difficulty pressing the Answer button. The feature can also be used during an emergency, when the caregiver is worried that their loved one cannot answer the phone on their own, say, after a fall.

For more information about the RAZ Memory Cell Phone and features, visit https://www.razmobility.com/solutions/memory-cellphone/.

About RAZ Mobility

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for people with disabilities. These solutions take the form of mobile devices and mobile applications. RAZ Mobility develops its own solutions, as well as resells the solutions of others, where RAZ Mobility believes that the solutions of others are unique and highly beneficial to individuals with disabilities.

RAZ Mobility sells its solutions directly to consumers, to certain resellers, as well as government organizations, such as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and State equipment distribution programs. Learn more about RAZ Mobility at www.razmobility.com.


RAZ Mobility

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