Raise Awareness of Post-Traumatic Growth During June’s PTSD Awareness Month

Shadow Media Group Presents Short Documentary Pre-screening + Panel Q&A

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Journalists and content creators are invited to be part of a North American initiative to raise awareness about the potential for growth and transformation that can emerge from adversity.

As we recognize Post-Traumatic Growth during June’s PTSD Awareness Month, we are reminded that post-traumatic growth can be a powerful tool in raising awareness around the importance of mental health and personal growth in the face of trauma.

We would like to invite all relevant media/journalists/content creators to join us on May 25, 2023, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET for a short media-only screening pre-release of a documentary that focuses on the theory of post-traumatic growth. After the 30 min screening, there will be a Q&A w/ panel of experts on the topic of post-traumatic growth.

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Key points that may be of interest to your audience:

  • Post-traumatic growth is an important concept recognized by many researchers and mental health professionals, emphasizing the potential for growth and transformation in the aftermath of adversity.
  • Observing the possibilities of Post-Traumatic Growth during PTSD Awareness Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness around the importance of mental health and personal growth in the face of trauma.
  • Readers/viewers going through their own Post-Traumatic Growth can use these hashtags to share their own stories and find community #posttraumaticgrowth

Click here to watch the trailer.

We would be happy to provide additional information, quotes, or resources related to Post-Traumatic Growth for your coverage. We believe promoting post-traumatic growth can be a valuable and newsworthy contribution to your audience and help inspire individuals who have experienced trauma.

“We believe that every individual has the capacity for growth and resilience, even in the face of adversity,” says Jeff Depatie, former JTF2 sniper and documentary film producer. “Our goal is to refine the narrative around trauma and highlight the potential for growth and transformation that can arise from challenging life experiences.”


  • *Jeff Depatie, Producer + Special Operations Veteran
  • *Dr. Trung Ngo, Resilience Expert
  • Rick Alexander, Author + Special Operations Veteran
  • Dr. Mike T Nelson, Researcher
  • *Jon Archambault, Mental Health Advocate, Special Operations Veteran
  • Paris Robinson, PTG Storyteller + Peer Addiction Recovery Specialist
  • Dr. Danielle McGinnis, Jungian & Archetypal Somatic Practitioner
  • *Jennifer McMaster, Health and Wellness Expert
  • Luke Zachariah Montgomery, Director
  • Jessica Depatie, Producer + Panel Moderator

*Also French-speaking

About Shadow Media Group:

Shadow Media Group is a film production house which creates media with a focus on social impact to bring awareness to how we can evolve individually and as a species through the possibilities of Post-Traumatic Growth, a theory which claims that adversity is not only an inevitable aspect of life, but an essential part of our human heritage and holistic health.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or psychological advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical or psychological concerns. We do not endorse any specific treatment or therapy. Always seek professional help when dealing with trauma or mental health issues.


Jessica Depatie, Producer


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