Rad Technologies Inc. (RAD) is Bringing AI-based Creative Intelligence to Visual Art Marketing

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ContentAI–Visual art marketing is joining the AI revolution as ROI-based creative influence campaign pioneer Rad Technologies Inc. (RAD) teams up with visual marketing agency LNDMRK in a first-of-its-kind partnership. The two companies are pleased to announce their new product, RAD Visual Arts, which allows best-in-class creatives to collaborate with brands to develop cultural moments, content, and community through AI-informed visual art.

Iconic brands–such as Apple, Nike, and Porsche–who recognize the value of visual art marketing, have long turned to LNDMRK for solutions that leverage the world’s best-known visual artists. They’ve enlisted top creators such as Shepard Fairey, Sir Peter Blake, Vexx and Burnt Toast for highly curated murals, art installations, advertising campaigns, product collaborations, and live events.

Now LNDMRK’s best-in-class visual art marketing strategy will begin harnessing the powerful precision of RAD AI’s data-driven creative intelligence solution. Trusted by leading enterprises, RAD Visual Arts will empower visual art marketers with data from over 600 API connections—including Reddit, Meta, TikTok and more—to drive decisions about campaign target audience personas, influencer selection, and content strategy.

“By partnering with LNDMRK, we’re combining the power of visual art as a marketing tool with the guaranteed performance of AI-backed marketing,” says RAD Founder and CEO Jeremy Barnett. “Successful visual art marketing depends on connecting the artists with cultural moments and market niches. Until now, marketers have been forced to rely on intuition and guesswork to guide their campaign decisions. We’re bringing quantifiable performance standards to visual art marketing and changing the way brands think about content marketing.”

“Joining forces with RAD takes our world-class visual art marketing capability to the next level,” says partner at LNDMRK Kevin Klein. “For over a decade, LNDMRK has been working with the world’s leading brands on establishing a genuine connection point to the visual art space. Our focus has been developing brand relationships with a category of talent which is not oversaturated by influencers and celebrity endorsement. The partnership between RAD and LNDMRK combines our network of visual artists with quantifiable marketing goals – this winning formula is the next chapter in brand collaborations.”

About Rad Technologies Inc.

RAD (Remove All Doubt) is an artificial intelligence that automates ROI-based creative decisions and content strategy at scale. The company uses its proprietary AI to deliver unbiased creative intelligence that informs campaign concepts, content production, and influencer selection. This results in quantifiably better performance and more campaign ROI. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and was founded in 2018. For more information about RAD Intelligence, please visit us at https://www.radintel.ai.


LNDMRK is a visual art marketing agency that harnesses the power of art to build partnerships between brands and today’s most popular visual artists. The company uses its network of artists to transform clients’ marketing goals and corporate values into one-of-a-kind art integrations for art installations, advertising and marketing campaigns, and live events and experiences. The company is based in Montreal and was founded in 2012.

More information about RAD Visual Arts can be found here. www.radintel.ai/industry-visual-art



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