Qumulo Powers MARZ’s New Automated Vanity AI Visual Effects Solution that Reduces Production Time from Days to Minutes

VFX Industry’s First End-to-End AI Solution Relies on Qumulo to Leverage Unstructured Data at Exabyte Scale

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qumulo, the simple way to manage exabyte-scale data anywhere, today announced Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) is leveraging the Qumulo File Data Platform to power its production-ready Vanity AI solution. Currently available as a service, Vanity AI enables visual effects (VFX) teams to deliver large volumes of high-end 2D aging, de-aging, cosmetic, wig, and prosthetic fixes. The technology is 300 times faster than traditional VFX pipelines with no capacity constraints and a lower cost.

“MARZ is on a mission to solve the growing challenges facing the entertainment industry including shorter production timelines and smaller budgets, and we recognized AI could help provide an automated solution,” said Matt Panousis, chief operating officer of MARZ. “However, it requires purpose-driven, versatile technology solutions to keep costs manageable. The technology provided by our partners, such as Qumulo, will allow us to offer Vanity AI as a solution to studios, VFX artists and independent creators.”

Instead of taking anywhere from one to five days for a VFX artist to complete a shot, Vanity AI can be used to complete feature-film caliber shots in as little as three minutes, with on par quality output and consistency at a lower cost. While offered as a service, Vanity AI is running on the Qumulo File Data Platform on-premise. Vanity AI will fully launch as a publicly available, web-based service later this year.

“Vanity AI is an exciting example of how Qumulo can help our customer’s workflow span between their on-premise infrastructure and their cloud footprint,” said Kiran Bhageshpur, Chief Technology Officer, Qumulo. “We will continue to scale with them as their service launches as a web-based solution later this year.”

Being completely software-defined, Qumulo can run on an increasing number of hardware platforms, while giving customers an identical management experience. Customers use Qumulo as their single file data solution to simplify hybrid cloud deployments and manage the increasingly complex data life cycle of today’s modern enterprise. Managing Qumulo on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform looks and feels the same as managing clusters on-premise, giving customers a single management experience for all environments.

About Qumulo, Inc.

Qumulo is the simple way to manage exabyte-scale data anywhere – edge, core or cloud – on the platform of your choice. In a world with trillions of files and objects comprising 100+ Zettabytes worldwide, companies need a solution that combines the ability to run anywhere with simplicity. This is precisely what Qumulo was founded to accomplish.

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