Quad elevates 3D scanning for omnichannel applications

First in North America to create automated, scalable “digital twins” for brands in partnership with Covision Media  

SUSSEX, Wis., June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: QUAD), a global marketing experience company, has installed the first Covision Media 3D-Twin scanner for client-facing projects in North America at its Mooresville (Charlotte), N.C., studio. The installation marks the launch of 3D Commerce by Quad, the company’s new solution for creating “digital twins” – an advanced and highly specialized form of 3D scanning – with omnichannel applications for brands as part of its content studios offering.

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Quad launches 3D Commerce, is first in N. America to create automated, scalable 3D scans for brands with Covision Media.

Considered the first-ever scalable, automated 3D production scanner, the Covision technology enables Quad to create relightable, photorealistic-quality 3D assets that are adaptable to a range of diverse applications in a fraction of the time needed for handheld scanners. The resulting digital-twin model is a single asset that can be deployed across multiple channels – including e-commerce, social media, mobile, motion and print. The scans can render still images from any angle, deliver 360º spins, and immerse images into virtual-reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) environments for virtual try-on (VTO) and other applications.

“As a company that lives and breathes innovation, Quad is no stranger to being ‘first,’ but this partnership with Covision Media is especially exciting because of the tremendous advantages scalable, automated 3D scanning will bring our clients,” said Eric Ashworth, President of Quad Agency Solutions and Executive Vice President of Product & Market Strategy. 

“With 3D Commerce, Quad is transforming content creation to simplify workflows, save time and money, and maximize reach in today’s ultra-competitive landscape,” Ashworth continued. “Marketers no longer have to think of assets for each channel as disparate things that are produced separately. This solution delivers exceptional creative with one adaptable asset to be used across multiple channels – and that’s a game-changer for brands.”

These 3D scans are accurate, true-to-life replicas of a brand’s product that can then be used in countless different ways. This versatility enables Quad clients to make more powerful consumer connections through smart, engaging content, a hallmark of Quad’s creative offering.

“We’ve refined this 3D scanning technology with premier clients like Inditex-Group, NUREG and Adidas in Europe, and some of the largest technology companies in the world. As we looked to establish a unique partnership in the North American market, we wanted to collaborate with a fast-moving company that has the values, client relationships and dedication to innovation that we only found in Quad. We’re excited about what this partnership will bring to brands and retailers throughout North America as they begin to experience the power of 3D Commerce,” said Franz Tschimbem, Co-Founder and CEO, Covision Media.

The Covision Media system comprises a series of 30 cameras in a spherical array for mass-production scanning without the need for extensive manual post-production work. Using technology that runs on artificial intelligence learning to improve the quality of the 3D models, the system maps the defining features, characteristics, lighting, textures and colors of an object to create a digital asset which is unique to a brand.

About Quad
Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a global marketing experience company that helps brands make direct consumer connections, from household to in-store to online. Supported by state-of-the-art technology and data-driven intelligence, Quad uses its suite of media, creative and production solutions to streamline the complexities of marketing and remove friction from wherever it occurs in the marketing journey. Quad tailors its uniquely flexible, scalable and connected solutions to clients’ objectives, driving cost efficiencies, improving speed to market, strengthening marketing effectiveness, and delivering value on client investments. 

Quad employs approximately 13,000 people in 14 countries and serves approximately 2,700 clients including industry leading blue-chip companies that serve both businesses and consumers in multiple industry verticals, with a particular focus on commerce, including retail, consumer packaged goods, and direct-to-consumer; financial services; and health. Quad is ranked as the 14th largest agency company in the U.S. by Ad Age (2023), and the second-largest commercial printer in North America, according to Printing Impressions (2023). 

For more information about Quad, including its commitment to ongoing innovation, culture and sustainable impact, visit quad.com.

About Covision Media
Covision Media is an Italy based technology company developing state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. Rooted in computer vision and machine learning research, Covision Media is the first company ever to have developed 3D scanners that can mass produce relightable and reality-grade 3D digital twins. The technology was launched at the end of 2022 and has since already found adoption by customers like Inditex Group (comprising brands such as Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti), NUREG and adidas, Gore-Tex, and some of the largest tech companies in the world.

Covision Media currently sells and leases two types of 3D scanners. The D-Twin I and the recently released D-Twin II, able to scan deformable objects. For more information about Covision Media visit www.covisionmedia.ai

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