Professional Virtual Event Production On An xRStage: WorldStage Opens Second Studio Location

WorldStage has opened xRStage-NY for live and pre-recorded shoots in its Secaucus, New Jersey, space just minutes from Manhattan. Complete with a high-resolution LED stage, media servers, cameras as well as audio and lighting support, xRStage-NY provides a complete, one-stop solution for virtual events.  The new stage has been busy right out of the gate with a steady stream of live virtual corporate projects and a high-profile XR production, with partners Aggressive and Momentum, for American Express featuring Alicia Keys.

xRStage-NY marks the second Extended Reality facility for WorldStage.  The company recently partnered with Intrepid Creative to launch a West Coast xRStage on Intrepid’s campus near San Francisco, which has hosted a number of major virtual corporate events since its debut this summer.

“The high demand for the xRStage-SF at Intrepid exceeded our expectations and demonstrated that the events industry is excited to have something truly innovative for virtual keynotes and product launches,” says Richard Steinau, Senior Vice President at WorldStage.  “Our clients’ high satisfaction, thanks to the beautiful content that only xR can deliver, combined with growing demand on both the East and West Coast prompted us to build a 2ndxRStage near New York City.”

With a reputation for innovation and technological leadership, WorldStage has taken a pioneering role in launching xRStage at a time when the industry faces a challenging transition to new technologies. “Our passion for innovation allows our clients to consistently deliver experiences at the highest quality in the industry and has provided brands of all sizes with a unique path to truly impressive virtual experiences,” says Steinau.

The WorldStage xRStage is a dynamic virtual space that offers an engaging and powerful way to tell stories.  It supports XR, MR and AR environments as well as live and pre-recorded shoots for cinematic productions, entertainment, corporate events, product launches and more.  The stage follows all COVID-19 safety protocols providing a secure environment for messaging of all types. 

xRStage-NY is outfitted with The Cube, a 14 x 14 x 14-foot right-angled LED videowall comprised of WorldStage’s c3ONE custom-designed, large-format LED tiles and WorldStage’s interactive LED floor.  Equipment also includes disguise gx 2c media servers and Notch real-time generative software.  The space is large enough to accommodate a news desk, corporate demo table or a baby grand piano and back-up band.

Using the disguise and Notch workflow, live cameras are fed through disguise servers into the switching system and ISO recorded.  A disguise Certified Solution Provider, WorldStage can support both the disguise and Unreal Engine workflows.

xRStage-NY just hosted the latest edition of the American Express “UNSTAGED” series for card members showcasing a virtual one-of-a-kind concert by Alicia Keys to accompany the release of her new album.  The show featured some of Keys’ newest music performed against stunning XR backdrops.

“We did a four-camera shoot of the artist in virtual environments created by production company Aggressive for their client Momentum,” says Donoghue. “It was a true XR shoot. WorldStage supplied all of the XR expertise to complement Aggressive’s creative expertise.”

What sets WorldStage apart in supporting xR projects is their highly experienced in-house talent and deep expertise, allowing only WorldStage to offer a comprehensive, one-stop option for clients.  “WorldStage is the only company that can do this on their own without relying on outside personnel or gear,” says TJ Donoghue, Director, Integration Department at WorldStage.  “We have the hardware, the LEDs, the studio and we have the people.  Other companies typically rent gear and hire freelancers.  But WorldStage has all of the talent in-house – that’s always been a hallmark of ours.  A client can come in at the last minute and we can turn a project around in no time.  It’s one of our most powerful capabilities.” 

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