Portugal’s AVK Installs Analog Way’s Aquilon RS4 to Drive Multiple LED Displays and Streaming in New Hybrid Studio

AVK Soluçoes Audiovisuais, S.A., an events management company in Amadora, Portugal, has designed a new hybrid video studio with Analog Way’s Aquilon RS4 4K/8K multi-screen presentation system and videowall processor as its centerpiece.  The facility was modified from an existing studio to meet an increased demand from clients for a hybrid events space. 

The Aquilon RS4 drives all of the studio’s LED video screens, stage screens, some digital signage elsewhere in the building, as well as the output for the streaming encoder.  It also manages a chroma screen, oracles and all the 4K inputs for backgrounds.

The new studio is equipped with four 86-inch LED screens for DSM on hoists, which can be lowered into position as needed on the set; a chroma screen for virtual sets; a 1.9 mm LED screen with 2880 x 1620 pixels (5.5 x 3m), two 1.9 mm LED screens with 640 x1620 pixels (1.2 x 3m each) and two 4.8 mm LED floor screens (1x 5m each); a media server system for backgrounds; VMIX for streaming; 4K graphics machines; and three video cameras.

“We decided to invest in Analog Way’s Aquilon RS4 for its capabilities and power,” says Cesar Rosa, Technical Manager at AVK. And the system has not disappointed.

“Aquilon is performing flawlessly,” reports Rui Fonseca, AVK’s Senior Video Engineer and Project Manager.  “Its power is amazing, and I feel we’re using only half of its potential so far.  The keyer has surprised me a lot, too – I love its flexibility and the amount of pixels it can manage.” 

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