Pliant® Technologies Highlights MicroCom® XR Wireless Intercom for IBC Connected

AUBURN, AL, SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 — In lieu of an onsite event, Pliant Technologies will take advantage of this year’s virtualized IBC Connected by putting a digital spotlight on its MicroCom XR intercom system. Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom XR provides full-duplex, multi-user intercom solutions for applications where high-quality audio, extended range, ease of use, and affordability are essential. Available in 2.4GHz for worldwide use, as well as 900MHz (where legal), MicroCom XR is a two-channel intercom system that provides up to 10 full-duplex users, a 12-hour (field-replaceable) battery, and extended range.

The system offers unlimited listeners in addition to duplex users, all without the need for a basestation, providing flexibility for a range of applications. Additionally, MicroCom XR features an easy to read OLED display, a drop-in charger, and is IP67-rated. The system’s rugged, lightweight beltpacks have been built to endure the wear and tear of everyday use as well as the extremes encountered in outdoor environments.

MicroCom XR is designed with advanced RF technology for broadcast and production use, making MicroCom XR an ideal solution for an array of professional applications. In addition, MicroCom XR is compatible with the SmartBoom series of professional headsets, which features the convenient flip-up microphone muting feature, as well as a range of specialty headsets designed for discrete applications.

“For IBC Connected, we are excited to put the focus on MicroCom XR, which has generated a great deal of interest in the broadcast market since its release this past May,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “As the first intercom of this feature set to be available at this price point, MicroCom XR offers exceptional sound quality and range, providing more features and performance to users with more modest budgets.”

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About Pliant Technologies

Pliant is a leading provider of professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple out-of-the-box configurations to large-scale designs for industries such as broadcast, live sound, theatre, and many more. As the professional division of CoachComm, Pliant is best known for the revolutionary Tempest® wireless intercom system, which is used daily in more than 40 countries. Pliant is part of an extensive company history of providing intercom solutions to sports and professional markets and consists of a team of industry professionals dedicated to the company’s tradition of innovation and service. Developing communication technologies that are dependable, durable, and easy-to-use has made CoachComm the worldwide leader in critical communication solutions. 

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