Playing the Way to Entrepreneurial Success: Ultimate Business Quest Launches Business Empire

Gamified Learning App from Business Coaching Power Couple Guides Entrepreneurs from Idea to Launch

ST. GEORGE, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ultimate Business Quest announced the official launch of its app, Business Empire, available now on both Android and iOS app stores. Co-founded by business coaching power couple Dr. Travis Fox and Michelle S. Fox and supported by Board Members Aaron Huey and Ken Hubbard, this effective and engaging app delivers business basics and practical coaching, presented through the world of immersive fantasy gameplay.

“There’s a real need for entrepreneurs to access a fun, gamified way to learn how they can start their businesses,” said Michelle S. Fox, co-founder and serial entrepreneur. “A quarter of entrepreneurs are searching for information online and struggling to streamline everything they need, and as a result, 42% of businesses fail due to lack of product-market fit. Our mission is to help other entrepreneurs show up, find success and leave a lasting legacy.”

In comparison to colleges, consultants, and business coaches, Business Empire can provide budding entrepreneurs invaluable assets like business blueprints and leadership training at a fraction of the cost and time while using gamification tactics proven to increase learning absorption. This app juxtaposes the journey of business skills development and high-level insight with fun and fantasy to accelerate learning.

“Our imagination’s power is research-backed: The benefits of novelty, gamification of goals, and imaginative rehearsal are being researched and successfully used in education, wellness, productivity, and neuroscience,” said Emmy-award winner Dr. Travis Fox, whose notoriety stems from spending over 14,000 hours on stage as a performance artist, keynote & motivational speaker. “Engaging all sides of the brain with imagination allows for untapped possibilities, novel learning brings concepts to vibrant life, and gamifying triggers the reward-seeking mechanisms of the brain. Additionally, incorporating gamification into everyday work and training helps make learning fun and is also reported to increase skill retention by approximately 40%.”

“The gamification of entrepreneurship is a proven low-cost educational strategy,” said Ken Hubbard, Board Member and celebrated entrepreneur. “It offers the ability to master core business principles and techniques to validate products and services, test market potential, properly develop a team, and gain access to entrepreneurs, vendors, and partners that accelerate a company’s growth.”

Business Empire is a secret scroll of ancient wisdom and untold power disguised as a phone app and online portal. The content originates from the co-founders’ combined 90 years of robust, real-world experience as serial entrepreneurs. Accessible on any device, the app is broken down into four modules: 1. Quest Begins, 2. Claim Your Throne, 3. Build Your Castle, and 4. Expand Your Realm. Four “quest masters” guide each module: Dr. Travis Fox, Aaron Huey, Michelle S. Fox, and Sifu John Goff.

“Ultimate Business Quest is in the business of igniting transformative change. We deliver business basics and practical coaching, presented in a world of immersive fantasy gameplay,” said Aaron Huey, Board Member. “By fusing fantasy with actionable insights, we empower entrepreneurs to abandon doubts, insecurities, and misconceptions to embark on a new journey.”

The app is available now and free to download and play. For more information, please visit


Ultimate Business Quest is in the business of igniting transformative change. Their proprietary platform delivers business basics and practical coaching, presented in a world of immersive fantasy gameplay. Those willing to embark on the quest will find that blurring fantasy with reality is a powerful tool for stoking imagination, inspiration, and impact, empowering entrepreneurs to level-up business and life. The company was founded in 2020 and has additional learning gamification apps planned for release this year.


Chelsea Waite

Venture PR


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