Pixelberry Studios Launches StoryLoom Out of Beta to Give Interactive Content Creators Publishing Freedom

StoryLoom publishes romance, drama, comedy, action, and more interactive narratives, and features content from popular series found in ‘Choices: Stories You Play’

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pixelberry Studios, a subsidiary of Nexon and a pioneer in the world of interactive storytelling, proudly announces the official launch of StoryLoom, a groundbreaking mobile visual story platform designed to empower interactive storytellers of all experience levels. After a successful beta phase that engaged a diverse community of creators, StoryLoom unveils new features and capabilities, including integration with the acclaimed ‘Choices: Stories You Play,’ taking the interactive storytelling experience to the next level. Writers worldwide now have the opportunity to join this creative publishing platform and share their narratives with a global audience.

Carissa Gonzalez, CEO of Pixelberry Studios, said: “We’re proud to officially launch StoryLoom as it marks a significant milestone for our vision of democratizing storytelling. Today’s launch is a reflection of the invaluable feedback we received from our dedicated community during the beta phase. StoryLoom empowers creators to break free from the confines of traditional publishing, offering a fresh, accessible avenue for sharing their imaginative tales with the world.”

StoryLoom’s mission is to provide a platform where creators can publish their content without the hurdles of traditional publishing, such as pitching books, enduring long waiting periods, and facing potential rejections. Unlike the traditional publishing model, StoryLoom empowers creators to:

  • Create and Publish: StoryLoom offers a user-friendly, always-evolving toolset for creators to craft their own visual novels and interactive stories, and keep all rights to the original content they create. The platform’s constant improvement ensures a seamless experience for storytellers.
  • Explore Fan Fiction in Shared Worlds: Starting with the success of the ‘Choices’ IP, StoryLoom now welcomes fanfiction creators to expand the universe and attract fans of the beloved ‘Choices’ franchise together in a ‘shared world’ experience.
  • Tap into Literary Greatness: StoryLoom boasts books authored by renowned authors, including New York Times bestsellers, such as Jessica Khoury (creator of the highly popular story ‘Queen By Night’), Jim Dattilo, Pamela DuMond and Cassie Alexander. These authors, with notable writing achievements, set a high bar for quality content.
  • Access a Literary Marketplace: Through the platform, writers and creators can upload backgrounds, music, sound, create characters and build choices in stories. StoryLoom also has future plans to open the marketplace to artists to sell assets and further add to its library of creator resources.
  • Hone Diverse Storytelling Styles: StoryLoom provides a playground for different storytelling styles and formats, allowing creators to expand and refine their narrative skills while experimenting with new approaches.

This platform serves as a beacon for aspiring writers, offering a valuable alternative to showcase their talents and connect with a broad audience. StoryLoom envisions most of its top content to come from semi-professional creators while actively encouraging aspiring writers to participate, creating a diverse and dynamic content ecosystem.

StoryLoom is dedicated to continually enhancing the user experience. So, while the backend infrastructure and player-facing features were strengthened during the beta, robust feature development will be continuous with many more enhancements coming to deliver an exceptional experience for both creators and readers. The team will also integrate community input to fuel improvements, ensuring that StoryLoom remains a dynamic and user-centric platform.

Officially launching on app stores, StoryLoom was primarily web-based during its beta phase. The platform is actively engaging with prospective creators who are passionate about writing and seeking a more versatile medium to share their stories.

StoryLoom invites writers and creators from around the world to join this transformative storytelling platform and explore a world of creative possibilities.

About StoryLoom

StoryLoom, by Pixelberry Studios, is a cutting-edge platform that empowers creators to craft their own visual novels and interactive stories. With a focus on providing a space for storytellers of all experience levels, StoryLoom integrates established intellectual properties, encourages fan fiction, and showcases works from renowned authors. Its user-friendly tools and constant improvement make it the ideal destination for creators to share their imaginative narratives with a global audience. For more information, visit https://storyloom.com/.

About Pixelberry Studios

Pixelberry Studios is the mobile studio behind Choices: Stories You Play, a Top 25 Game on iOS and Android. The core team members of Pixelberry’s team have been making narrative games together for over a decade and have launched new chapters, episodes or quests for their games every week for the past 12 years. For more information, visit http://www.pixelberrystudios.com/.


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