PathCheck Foundation Announces Exposure Notification Implementations in Seven Jurisdictions and Launches Global Partner Program

PathCheck Alliance Accelerates Delivery of Exposure Notification and Digital Public Health Solutions to Help Contain COVID-19

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PathCheck Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to enabling open-source, privacy-preserving digital public health solutions to contain COVID-19, today announced exposure notification implementations in seven jurisdictions. Continuing its momentum, the organization also announced the launch of its global partner program, PathCheck Alliance, with more than 18 technology and solution partners as founding members.

PathCheck Foundation was spun out of MIT in March 2020 to build digital solutions to contain COVID-19 and revitalize the economy, while protecting individual privacy and liberty. With 1,800 volunteers and a large core team of technology and public health professionals, PathCheck supports the Google Apple Exposure Notification system and a range of other technologies to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Teams in seven U.S. states and countries are implementing PathCheck technology to create exposure notification mobile apps for their communities, including Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cyprus.

“We have been working with an incredible group of public health authorities and partners to develop open source software that is being used by states and countries to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Adam Berrey, chief executive officer of PathCheck Foundation. “We’re deeply driven by our mission to support public health and are excited to have such a strong network of companies, governments and researchers coming together to deliver technology solutions with the potential to have a significant impact on the spread of the virus.”

Founding PathCheck Alliance members include technology titans Intel, Red Hat, Akamai, and global solution providers including NTT DATA and Maximus. In addition, more than 18 other pioneering technology and solution providers have joined the Alliance. Exposure notification and digital contract tracing solutions are already being developed and implemented by leading solution providers working with PathCheck, including Extreme Solutions, AIO Digital, NextGenSys, Noveltech, RISE, KIOS, Nuland, Thoughtbot, and Rocket Insights.

“We’re committed to providing resources and expertise in the fight to contain COVID-19 and revitalize the economy,” said Christopher Merdon, Division President, State Local and Education at NTT DATA Services. “Working with PathCheck gives us access to innovative open-source software and deep domain expertise to help our clients deliver public health programs for exposure notification and digital public health services.”

As a leader in exposure notification, PathCheck plans to expand the Alliance with an active program to recruit and train partners who can deliver solutions with the open source software built and maintained by the organization and developer community. The organization will be hosting a virtual solution provider’s conference on September 2nd where solution providers from all over the world can join and receive training on exposure notification, how the technology works and more. To attend the conference, visit

“We founded PathCheck to respond to the immediate crisis created by the pandemic and to work toward a long-term vision to transform public health globally with privacy preserving technology called Split Learning at MIT,” said Ramesh Raskar, Ph.D., associate professor at MIT Media Lab and founder, chairman, and chief scientist at PathCheck Foundation. “The launch of the PathCheck Alliance is a key milestone on this journey and deeply consistent with our vision and mission to empower teams all over the world to help contain COVID-19 and create healthier, safer, more resilient communities.”

The PathCheck exposure notification solution is built with the Google Apple Exposure Notification API (GAEN). Unlike digital contact tracing, exposure notification uses Bluetooth to anonymously and securely identify when phones have been near each other and potential COIVD-19 exposures have occurred. These capabilities are entirely optional and privacy preserving. Individuals can choose whether or not they want to participate. The solution enables communities to work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, and it complements other public health strategies such as social distancing, masks, testing and manual contact tracing. All PathCheck technology is free and open source, developed with the support of charitable donors.

About PathCheck Foundation

Spun out of MIT, PathCheck Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to containing the pandemic and revitalizing economies while preserving individual privacy and liberty. PathCheck builds open source software, advises health authorities and private sector organizations, and provides research and insights related to digital contact tracing, exposure notification and digital public health solutions. With significant charitable funding, 1,800 volunteers and a core team of technology and public health professionals, PathCheck Foundation is the leading nonprofit dedicated to creating technology solutions to stop the pandemic and build safe, healthy, resilient communities. For more information about PathCheck Foundation, visit and connect on Twitter and Facebook.


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