PairTree Launches First-of-its-Kind Mobile App Providing Modern Adoption Access and Support at Your Fingertips

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, app provides needed and expanded accessibility and opportunity for expectant mothers and adopting families

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PairTree, an adoption platform using technology and data to increase and accelerate connections between biological mothers and adoptive families, today announced the launch of an industry-leading platform – including iOS and Android apps – delivering a modern experience for everyone involved in the domestic adoption journey. The brand-new mobile experience is now available for free download via iOS and Android.

For the first time in history, an adoption platform provides direct access at the fingertips of adopting families and expectant moms to all the services needed to navigate domestic private adoption – home study approval, matching, legal referrals and support – increasing compatibility, reducing burdensome fees, ending discriminatory practices, modernizing the analog processes, increasing safety and boosting accessibility across the industry. Today’s expecting mothers and adopting families have grown up with the internet, social media and online dating and they prefer to make an initial connection online before meeting in person. With the new platform, PairTree has radically modernized the adoption process – unlocking the nation of adopting families to expectant mothers in an effort to create the most highly compatible matches.

“In a post-Roe world – we want to make sure that expecting women have the most control over their adoption journey. Ensuring they have modern access to education, support and ethical professionals, along with the nation of families hoping to adopt (versus the limited number of families their local agency may have access to) becomes exponentially more important,” said Erin Quick, CEO and Founder of PairTree, adding that 90% of expecting mothers pursuing adoption use their mobile devices exclusively, making the new PairTree platform a necessity for those exploring adoption as a birth plan.

Too often, an expecting mother seeking adoption is provided with a limited number of hopeful adoptive families to select from – typically families that have been waiting the longest for a match. Unfortunately, this process discounts the value of whether or not that family is truly the best match for the expecting mother or her child.

When an expecting mother is provided with control over the process and ample choice of adopting families, it lays the foundation for a heathy long-term relationship with the birth family, which ultimately benefits the child adoptee. PairTree puts more control in the hands of the expecting mother, providing modern features that empower them to find their best match. With 90% of adoptions being “open” – meaning there is ongoing contact between the birth mother and adoptive family – a compatible match is now more important than ever.

PairTree provides comprehensive, unlimited access and support at every stage of the adoption process in a user-friendly format. “We’re now able to provide a completely modern approach to adoption and we look forward to continuing to support families over the course of a lifetime,” said Erin Quick.

As one in eight couples suffer from infertility, more people are seeking alternate paths to family building, including the more than five million U.S. families that consider adoption every year. However, the conventional approach to adoption includes high fees, long timelines, discriminatory practices and opaque and analog processes which are barriers to many hopeful parents.

The new PairTree platform solves these challenges. Key features include:

  • Education – free, unlimited education developed by industry experts
  • Home Study – first of its kind online approval process for adopting families that maps to state requirements
  • Matching – personality-based matching to increase compatibility
  • Legal Referrals – curated network of the best adoption professionals in each State

PairTree was founded by Seattle entrepreneur Erin Quick, who is building on a 20-year career in global brand marketing and her own first-hand experiences as the adoptive mom of two children. She was recognized as Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 under 40, and was recently named to All Raise’s Visionary Voices panel.

About PairTree

Launched in July 2020, PairTree is a private adoption platform using technology to modernize the adoption process. More than 4,500 adoptive families and 450 biological mothers have registered on the platform. PairTree is dedicated to providing lifetime support to birth mothers, donating 5% of net profits to organizations that provide ongoing assistance. For more information, please visit


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