Owlcam Launches the World’s First Driver-Controlled Video Claims Submission for Faster and Easier Claims

Owlcam’s Crash Report is an automated claims report that allows drivers to submit video evidence for better resolutions

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CaughtonOwlOwlcam today launched Crash Report, a new feature that lets drivers tell their side of the story by giving them a tool to submit verified crash video and other information directly to insurance companies from the Owlcam app. Three AAA-affiliated insurers – The Auto Club Group, Auto Club Enterprises and CSAA Insurance Group – are the first in the industry to link with Owlcam on Crash Report. Starting today, anyone insured by a participating AAA-affiliated insurer can use their Owlcam app to send a crash report directly to a AAA claims adjuster.

Crash Report is Now Available to New and Existing Users Via an App Update

This adds another unique feature to the set of capabilities only Owlcam has to protect drivers and their cars. Owlcam is a smart dash camera with inside/outside HD video that protects both while the car is on and off. Only Owlcam automatically detects when an accident occurs, provides live operator emergency response services and instantly sends the accident footage to the user’s smartphone. Only Owlcam’s LTE connection protects users’ cars while off and parked with real-time video alerts and live view, so the video is always accessible on their phone.

Too Many People Pay and are Blamed When It’s Not Their Fault

For drivers, having verifiable video evidence is one of the most powerful ways to influence the outcome of a police report or insurance claim decision. By using Crash Report, drivers, for the first time will have a fast and easy way to initiate a claim with video proof, all through the convenience of a smartphone app.

“When you’re in a crash, it can be traumatic and frustrating. Claims can take weeks to process. Insurers don’t have the proof they need to defend you. With Owlcam and Crash Report, we’re helping drivers take control of starting the claims process to get better results, faster,” said Andy Hodge, CEO of Owlcam.

In the confusion after a collision, collecting evidence and submitting a claim can be difficult and time consuming. Owlcam’s app lets drivers collect information and verifiable video to tell their side of the story, save their crash information and decide when they’re going to submit.

Submitting a Crash Report

Owlcam automatically detects when an accident occurs. If the driver decides to create a Crash Report, they simply select “Crash Report” from the Owlcam app menu.

  • The app leads the driver through a series of questions, so they have the information they need to start a claim.
  • When complete, the driver can opt to submit the report directly to a participating AAA-affiliated insurer or receive the Crash Report as a PDF over email to forward to other insurers not yet integrated with Owlcam.
  • All video evidence is hosted on a secure site that is available to only the Owlcam user and their insurer.
  • The entire process to create a Crash Report takes less than 5 minutes.

“Video is a critical new tool to get claims resolved quickly and accurately. Owlcam has built a powerful platform for insurers to receive video evidence quickly from customers, and we’re excited to offer this innovation to our customers,” said Debbie Brackeen, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer. “Owlcam’s Crash Report video evidence will help us deliver a great claims experience and make sure our customers are heard.”

“We have been excited by our early discussions and work with the Owlcam team,” said Erik Robinson, Vice President – Digital & Head of ClubLabs, Auto Club Enterprises. “We believe this program will accelerate our work in leveraging advanced technology to bring innovative time-saving solutions to our Members.”

“By working with Owlcam, The Auto Club Group will be an industry leader in the way dash cam technology is used to help protect motorists and their belongings,” said Brian Pozzi, Vice President, Office of General Counsel & Corporate Claims Officer, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “This technology will dramatically accelerate the claims process for our Members, and it could reduce the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. It’s a win-win scenario for both ACG and our 9.9 million Members.”

Owlcam Pricing

Owlcam is $349, which includes both the smart inside/outside HD dash camera and a one-year free trial of the Owlcam wireless LTE data plan. After the first year, the subscription is $99/year or $9.99/month. The wireless LTE data plan unlocks features like emergency response services, real-time video alerts, live streaming, and wireless video history viewing.

About Owl Cameras, Inc.

At Owl Cameras, we love cars and the people that are in them. Owlcam is using video and data to make our roads safer for everyone. Owlcam is based in Palo Alto, CA. Owlcam sales started in March 2018. In 2019, Owlcam is expanding with new features, major retailers, and B2B2B enterprise fleet sales.

Owlcam is led by Andy Hodge, founding leader on Apple iPhone and iPod, Microsoft HoloLens, and Dropcam. Our 60+ person team is highly experienced and has previously created products and services with over $100B in sales.

Owl Cameras, Inc. is a portfolio company of Avanta Ventures, CSAA Insurance Group’s venture arm.

Learn more at www.owlcam.com and the Owlcam pressroom or follow @owlcameras on Twitter.


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