OVATION Showcases MARQUEE and UNIfy Event Automation Solutions at CEMA Summit 2022


OVATION, an experiential event production company with more than 30 years of experience providing exciting and meaningful event solutions to clients, debuted its new and improved MARQUEE cloud-based content management system and launched its groundbreaking UNIfy breakout system at CEMA Summit 2022.

For the first time, OVATION was a Headline Sponsor of CEMA Summit, the Corporate Event Marketing Association’s annual gathering for senior-level event marketers and industry professionals.  CEMA members and partners met in Nashville, July 31- August 2, to explore new ideas and possibilities and view the latest innovations designed to empower their businesses.

“OVATION has always been a very forward-thinking company that fills a full range of event production needs with both individual technical components and turnkey services for event marketers,” says Melissa Wendt, Vice President of Marketing.  “So we were delighted to showcase MARQUEE and introduce UNIfy at the industry’s most important annual conference.”

For more than a decade, OVATION has pushed the limits of event automation with MARQUEE, a centrally managed cloud-based content management solution that streamlines the display, capture and distribution of content and leverages its use well beyond the event itself.  

While it is a powerful tool, MARQUEE is easy to understand and use.  It revolutionizes the user experience by truly meeting the user’s needs for a customized presentation.

“MARQUEE is extremely flexible: It enables users to present any way they want without being tied to the podium or certain devices,” says Jason Mullaney, OVATION’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.  “MARQUEE frees users from being locked into a rigid presentation management system and leverages real-world production hardware already in use.” 

MARQUEE’s package of six modules encompasses every aspect of the event experience from pre-show to post-show:

*COLLECT streamlines the pre-show process by hosting important content on a branded upload site with unlimited storage capacity

*PRESENT provides a comprehensive array of presentation management tools via an intuitive user interface 

*CAPTURE enables quick and efficient session recordings with recorded files available in just hours, formatted and ready for web use

*DISPLAY supports fully networked digital signage without being locked into one standard format and with the power to make changes and updates at any time

*SHARE allows real-time distribution of content across multiple channels and in a variety of formats 

*ANALYZE collects event data, packages it and converts it into valuable analytics for data-driven decision-making

While MARQUEE stands on its own as a powerful content management solution, its integration with OVATION’s new UNIfy breakout system is an industry first.

By building a hardware solution on top of MARQUEE, Team OVATION has taken content management to the next level and created the most capable breakout solution on the market. UNIfy with MARQUEE integration improves every aspect of an event session and makes complex events simple. 

UNIfy is an all-in-one, custom-built system that houses everything needed to run breakout sessions – from the simplest setups to live, multi-camera sessions.  A comprehensive, user-friendly technical solution, UNIfy is specifically designed to solve the most common frustrations surrounding the execution of breakout sessions.

With UNIfy presenters can safely and confidently take control using a simple, intuitive and proprietary control surface.  UNIfy supports up to two discreet primary screens, two DSMs, dual records and multiple outbound streams.  At the press of a button, UNIfy automates a series of commands that reduces the potential for human error.

UNIfy’s compact design provides ample space for techs to do their job without the clutter of additional tables or tech equipment.  UNIfy fits in a truck pack allowing more efficient vehicle packing and reducing overall shipping costs.  The system communicates through a single fiber cable between the main system and stage to create a sleek, clean and organized breakout room.

UNIfy’s design safeguards and extends the life of all the equipment it houses; its high-end components are never used outside the system preventing wear and tear and ensuring an extremely high percentage of up-time.  UNIfy also saves time and money with its fast and easy setup, a particular advantage in the post-COVID world when experienced crew may be hard to find.  Each unit is pre-programmed and customized to meet the user’s breakout needs prior to arriving on site, saving even more labor costs and eliminating the need to hire an audio and video engineer at the venue. In addition, UNIfy is fully networked and remotely monitored with options to accommodate floating or in-room technicians.

OVATION and eight other companies participated in the “Innovation Nation” segments at CEMA Summit, which showcased cutting-edge event technology, tools and services that will shape the future of events. UNIfy and MARQUEE were demo’d in the high-traffic pre-function area of the conference where Summit attendees could get a close up look at the new system.  

If you want to see UNIfy and MARQUEE in action, contact Peter Gentile at 508.682.5912 to schedule an in-person or virtual demo. 

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