Online Businesses Finding Success Around the World

When considering what businesses and industries are becoming profitable in 2019, the internet and the capabilities of the online world often play a large part in this. The internet has changed how entrepreneurs set up and run businesses, and the internet will continue to affect the future of business as online businesses begin to dominate the market. Here, we look at some of the most profitable business ideas and the industries that are currently finding success online.

Online Casinos

Gambling has come a long way since the days of high street betting shops. Although betting and gambling shops do still exist, there has been a drastic transformation to the industry in recent years. Rather than setting up physical shops, gambling companies are now deciding to create online casinos which have reduced start-up costs and can be run easily. Online casinos such as Unibet allow users to gamble from any location, with their winnings entering straight into their Paypal or bank account. Online casinos also give visitors a wide range of different and fun gambling options to choose from, such as bingo, poker, and sports betting.


Consultancy businesses are also thriving with the use of the internet. Due to the fact that most consultants are self-employed and rely solely on an individual, it has become much easier to become a consultant with the use of the internet. Now, consultants can quickly and easily find clients with the ease of communication that the internet provides, such as through the creation of websites and applications such as Whatsapp. This has opened up a much wider catchment area within which consultants can serve businesses as they can help businesses in any location. Not only this, but the increase in the ability to set up a business from scratch has led to more businesses in need of consultancies to give them advice in growth.


Although the high street and physical shops may be closing down, retail is thriving on the internet. Now, customers can simply buy products with a click of a button from any location and have these products delivered straight to their door. It has never been easier to start to sell your products, with social media and websites builders such as WordPress enabling anyone to create an effective e-commerce site. The online retail boom has also led to the creation of online marketplaces such as Etsy which allow anyone to sell their homemade and crafted products through a third party.

IT Services

With all this new technology, you need someone to help you fix it when it all goes wrong, and IT services can do just this. IT services and consultants are now becoming extremely common, with their knowledge of the internet and computers becoming in high demand as more businesses rely on the internet to run.

Social Media Influencing

The internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to make money, and social media influencing is one of the most common of these. By creating content such as a blog or a YouTube channel and then going on to monetize this through advertising and promotion, individuals can make easy incomes through their personal brand.

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