obVus Solutions’ minder® Laptop Tower Stand Named “Best Overall” by Wired Magazine

The Ergonomic, Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk Helps Save Necks of Remote Workers and Students Everywhere

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–obVus Solutions [ob-vee-uhs], a Los Angeles-based wellness company that develops user-friendly products to condition healthy habits, today announced that its Laptop Tower Stand was named “Best Overall” by Wired magazine. The Tower Stand received high marks for its sturdy, light design, variable height and angle positioning, and its ability to easily go from desktop to standing desk, no additional equipment required.

“We’re pleased that the product experts at Wired recognized the standout features of the Laptop Tower Stand,” said obVus Solutions CEO Ken Rosenblood. “As more consumers are tasked with finding ways to work and study from home, we want to be part of their wellness journey as we seek to build better habits, from practicing good posture to the management of stress and other healthy behaviors.”

obVus Solutions’ minder® Laptop Tower Stand allows users to position their laptop at a range of heights and positions, so users have the flexibility of either sitting or standing – without a standing desk. Compatible with laptops from 11” to 17” and weighing only 4 pounds, its sturdy, light, sleek aluminum design allows for easy variable positioning and is conveniently portable. Top air vents increase airflow, cooling and preventing overheating while rubber pads elevate the laptop for additional airflow. obVus Solutions’ minder® Laptop Tower Stand is available online for $74.99 at www.obvus.me and on Amazon.

About obVus Solutions

obVus Solutions (ob-vee-uhs) is a Los Angeles-based wellness company that develops user-friendly products to coach and condition healthy habits. Its flagship patented product, minder®, is a user-friendly, smart wearable device that pairs with the Apple Watch to offer real-time insight and build healthy habits. minder was awarded Best Mobile Product at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards, which honors innovation and leadership. The obVus minder® Laptop Tower Stand, an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable stand that turns a laptop into sit/stand desk, was named “The Best Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck” by Wired magazine in 2020. To learn more, visit www.obvus.me and follow on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.


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